Fall Out Boy was recently slammed by fans and critics for using Princess Diana’s montage during their concert in the United Kingdom.

While singing the song, “Champion,” the American punk-rock band showed footages of the Princess of Wales, which included clips following her death. “Champion,” which was released last year, is about being a champ for those who don’t believe in champions. Fans are unsure what Princess Diana’s connection to the song is.

One fan, who was at the concert in Cardiff, confirmed that Fall Out Boy also used footage of Queen Elizabeth II during her speech from the Buckingham Palace.

“It’s safe to say revelers were confused by this… when it became clear what was happening some went quiet and started shuffling, looking down at their feet, wishing the next song would come on. It was totally bizarre, more than a little creepy. There seemed to be no explanation for Di’s haunting appearance at the gig. What were they thinking?” the fan said.

Other fans also took their thoughts to social media. One of them questioned why Fall Out Boy did an ode to the late princess. Another fan also asked the band why it was necessary to include clips of Prince Harry with his mom during their performance.

As of late, Fall Out Boy has not yet responded to the criticisms they received. But in November of last year, Pete Wentz, the bassist of Fall Out Boy, said that he always wants his songs to be accompanied by visuals.

“Well, when we write the songs I always think of visuals to go with the songs in my head. It’s always cinematic to me, ya know, the songs feel like that. And each song has a specific visual for the most part already. But with the Kaepernick stuff, I think that… I dunno how much this is known outside of the U.S…” he said.

According to The Guardian, this was not the first time that Fall Out Boy used a montage of Princess Diana during its live performance. But in the United States, no one reacted negatively to it.