All things Autumn continues on Hallmark Channel this weekend with the premiere of their newest Fall Harvest Film “Falling for Look Lodge,” starring Clark Backo and Jonathan Keltz.

What makes this new film so fun for Hallmark fans is that it will be pairing two leads who are not Hallmark Channel vets. While Kelts did appear in the film “Once Upon A Prince,” he has no other credits to his name with the network. As for Backo, she’s a first-time star and complete newbie to Hallmark overall. Still, despite their not being as seasoned as some of the channel’s other stars, fans may still recognize them from past projects. Backo famously starred as Rosie on “Letterkenny,” and Ava on “Designated Survivor,” while Keltz notably starred as Leith Bayard on the CW series “Reign.”

Still, just because they may be newer to Hallmark doesn’t mean fans shouldn’t look forward to this new film. Let’s find out what will happen according to a synopsis.

“Lily (Backo) is eager to show her boss and sister Charmaine (Janice Mended) that she’s ready for a new challenge: taking on the role of their resort’s Activities Director,” the synopsis reads.

 With a full week of activities coming up for a family that is coming in for a wedding, in a bind, Charmaine allows her sister to take charge and prove she’s the one for the job, Of course, all the best-laid plans change a bit when one of the guests, the bride’s workaholic brother, Noah (Keltz), shows up. After it becomes clear that he neglected to organize his sister Justine’s (Kathryn Kohut) events, Lily steps in and offers to work with him—but of course, things don’t start off smoothly.

 “Though they butt heads at first, Noah and Lily work together to plan a truly special week for the family, rekindling the sibling bond between the two and helping Noah welcome Craig (Chris Violette), his new brother-in-law, into the family,” the synopsis continues. “Noah can’t seem to put his work aside and shirks a few of his event-planning responsibilities, much to Lily’s chagrin. Even with pressure from Lily, Noah can’t even put pen to paper on his speech for the wedding. After a heart-to-heart about their family history, Noah reconsiders and devotes himself to making the most of the trip, including the speech.”

As the two begin to help one another, not only with the planning of the wedding but also with their individual future goals, they also begin to discover that there may roles for each other in their stories.

“As the day of the wedding approaches, both Lily and Noah open their hearts to family and to new possibilities for the future,” the synopsis says.

“Falling for Look Lodge” airs Saturday, Sept. 26 at 9 p.m. EDT on Hallmark Channel.

Falling for Look Lodge Clark Backo and Jonathan Keltz star in “Falling for Look Lodge” on Hallmark Channel. Photo: Courtesy of MarVista Entertainment