Family Guy
Mark-Paul Gosselaar will be featured the upcoming season 15 of “Family Guy” which premiers on Sept. 25, 2016. Fox/Family Guy

One of television’s most famous scenes is getting the “Family Guy” treatment. According to TVLine, Mark-Paul Gosselaar of “Saved By the Bell” fame will be lending his voice to Fox’s animated comedy series. Gosselaar will use his voice to recreated the classic “Saved By the Bell” scene where Zack Morris discovered that Jessie Spano was using caffeine pills.

“It’s a very famous scene where Stewie is in the Elizabeth Berkley role,” executive producer Richard Appel said. “It was one of those times when we were like, ‘Do you think Mark-Paul Gosselaar would play [Zack]? Let’s try.’ And he did it quite enthusiastically.”

Executive producer Steve Callaghan also spoke about the scene, saying, “It was great, he was hilarious.” It’s uncertain which episode Gosselaar will star in and when it will air.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Sean Penn will also star in an episode of “Family Guy.” The Oscar-winning actor will play himself in an episode that takes shots at the anti-vaccination movement. In an episode titled, “Hot Shots,” Peter and Lois refuse to get Stewie vaccinated but when a pandemic breaks out in Quahog, Penn steps in to persuade the Griffins to give Stewie his shots.

“He’s very funny in the episode and was very game,” said Appel. “So often when we are lucky enough to work with really talented people who also happen to be really successful, they’re the most modest and the most open to direction. He was like that.”

Sean Penn’s “Family Guy” episode will air this fall and the new season kicks off on Sept. 25. Other upcoming guests this season include Flea, Steph Curry, Rob Gronkowski, David Tennant and Kyle Chandler. The series looks to bounce back from last season after it saw a decrease in ratings. Ratings in the 18 to 49 demographic started off high for season 14 but continued to decrease throughout the year. The series ended with a 2.13 rating.

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