‘Famous In Love’
Will Paige (Bella Thorne) choose Rainer (Carter Jenkins) over Jake (Charlie DePew) in “Famous In Love” Season 1, episode 10? Freeform

“Famous In Love” Season 1 will soon see Paige Townsen (Bella Thorne) choosing between Jake (Charlie DePew) or Rainer (Carter Jenkins).

Ahead of the finale episode for the hit Freeform TV series, Thorne, DePew and Jenkins sat down for an interview with TV Line to share their guesses. Lead star Thorne confirmed that she’s a huge Paige-Rainer fan. “Personally, when I’ve dated somebody not in the business, they just don’t understand. It’s easier to be with someone who understands that when I’m posting on social media all the time, it’s not just for fun. It literally pays my bills. So we don’t really know which guy she’ll choose, but she gets will all the characters in the books at some point, so no one will be disappointed for too long,” she said.

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DePew, whose character Jake happens to be Paige’s good friend, said that he wants Paige and Jake to end up together. After all, they’ve known each other the longest, and they’ve also stuck by each other through different struggles. DePew also reiterated the fact that Jake has some redeeming qualities that other people might not instantly notice. “There will always be another opportunity to work on a movie, but love doesn’t come around very often. And I’m a romantic,” he said.

But just like Thorne, Jenkins is also a big Paige-Rainer supporter. But what the actor likes most about the dynamic of the two characters is that they are both so flawed yet perfect for each other. “But a relationship isn’t about two perfect people. It’s about two flawed people who make each other better, and I think they do that. Sorry, Jake!” he said.

Meanwhile, all 10 episodes of “Famous In Love” have already been released by Freeform via its website, on the mobile app and On Demand. Hulu will also be streaming all 10 episodes online. This means that viewers can already watch the installments ahead of its Tuesday night release on the network. On May 2, “Famous In Love” Season 1, episode 3 will air on Freeform at 9 p.m. EST after “Pretty Little Liars.” The rest of the episodes will be released every week thereafter.

Other than Thorne, DePew and Jenkins, Marlene King’s TV series also stars Georgie Flores, Niki Kloss, Pepi Sonuga, Keith Powers and Perrey Reeves. The series was adapted for television based on Rebecca Serle’s novel of the same title. King, who also happens to be the executive producer of “Pretty Little Liars,” also acts as executive producer and creator for “Famous In Love.”

“Marlene King has created a world that has all of the intrigue, the sexiness and wish fulfillment that is perfect for our viewers who love to binge,” Freeform president Tom Ascheim said in a statement via Entertainment Weekly.

As of late, it is still unclear whether or not “Famous In Love” will receive a Season 2 order from Freeform. But the network already gave “Beyond” a green light for a second season despite the fact that the series only premiered in January. While at the Television Critics Association press tour, Ascheim said that they did not have any second thoughts regarding renewing “Beyond.”