Finding a good maid is as difficult a task as finding a suitable job for oneself in almost all parts of the world.

Here is jaw-dropping news from Lubbock, Texas, where people can avail of the services of the Fantasy Maid Service. This new online household service provider says it clients can choose their desired “Fantasy Maid” from a list of young girls who would guarantee a spotless house and ultimate customer satisfaction.

Well, only if police don't shut down the service.

Lubbock’s Fantasy Maid Service provides maids who would clean the house, sweep, dust and wipe, but the difference is that these girls can take off their clothes on request or work wearing lingerie, or just be topless, provided the customer is at least 18 years of age.

The new and controversial business, started nearly a month back in the city, is gaining popularity day-by-day. However, the local police authorities are keeping a close watch on the business.

According to KCBD, the company was started by a 26-year-old single mother, Melissa Borrett, who began the business to earn extra money.

As a single mother, I had been working a variety of different jobs, including waitressing out at the strip club. I was having to answer to a lot of people, Borrett said.

She charges $100 per hour for a single maid and $150 for two maids.

The company’s website states that it is strictly a maid service provider and that customers cannot expect sexual favors from the maids. “We do offer nude maid service, but at no time may a client may ever make physical contact with the maid,” the website says. However, it also states that the maid is also liable to termination if she is found accepting tips from customers for sexual favors.

We have a very strict no touching policy. There is definitely nothing illegal going on, we really clean houses, Borrett told KCBD. “We have security who travels with my workers to all their appointments, she added.

According to the local reports, Lubbock Police say the owner doesn’t have a permit to run this “sexuially oriented business.”

Just the fact employees are topless or semi nude in this case -- it's just not allowed, Lubbock Police Sergeant Jonathan Stewart told the website, adding that Borrett might face a penalty of $2,000 fine each day she runs the business without a permit.

The business is flourishing and Borrett has no plans to shut it. In fact she is planning legal action if the matter worsens.

Several young girls are working for the Fantasy Maid Service and their profiles are put up on its website. It has also maintainted a Facebook account updated with the latest services.