The celebrity nude photo leak, dubbed as the Fappening 2.0, continues as more names add to the list of stars whose private photos and videos have been compromised as part of the latest scandal. Actress Rose McGowan, figure skater Analeigh Tipton, model Dylan Penn and "Arrow" star Katie Cassidy are among the latest victims of the hack.

Celeb Jihad, the website that last week published naked photos of Amanda Seyfried and Emma Watson, continued to post photos of other stars that were allegedly leaked from their phones and surfaced on the internet. Both Watson, 26, and Seyfried, 31, threatened legal action against Celeb Jihad.

McGowan's attorney told Gossip Cop the images were “obtained illegally,” and that “she is cooperating with authorities in an effort to locate the people responsible.” McGowan is also seeking a legal intervention into the incident.

“I’m going to go to the Department of Justice,” the actress told Gossip Cop, before warning on Twitter: “Hey little hacker boys, Mama is coming and she hits hard.”

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Tipton also responded to the hack in a statement to Gossip Cop sent out by her attorney Scott Whitehead.

“The photographs of Analeigh Tipton recently posted online were obtained illegally and are a tremendous invasion of her privacy. She is cooperating with authorities in an effort to locate the people responsible in the hopes that this never happens to her or anyone else again. We ask that you respect her privacy at this time,” the statement read.

Over the weekend, Celeb Jihad published nude photos of Penn and Cassidy, and also claimed it has separate sex tapes of the two stars.

The first incident of the leak occurred in 2014 and was called "the fappening" — a subreddit by the same name that was created for pictures and news related to the leaked images that were first posted on 4chan. A-list stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande were some of the targets.

Listed below is a full list of celebrities who are involved in the "fappening 2.0" as well as those who were part of the first leak:

1. Rose McGowan

2. Katie Cassidy

3. Analeigh Tipton

4. Dylan Penn

5. Saraya-Jade Bevis a.k.a Paige

6. Emma Watson

7. Amanda Seyfried

8. Jennifer Lawrence

9. Kate Upton

10. Abigail Spencer

11. Alison Brie

12. Ariana Grande

13. Ashley Green

14. Aubrey Plaza

15, Avril Lavigne

16. Becca Tobin

17. Brie Larson

18. Christina Hendricks

19. Dwayne Wade

20. Emily Ratajkowski

21. Gabrielle Union

22. Hayden Panettiere

23. Hope Solo

24. Jennette McCurdy

25. Jenny McCarthy

26. Justin Verlander

27. Kaley Cuoco

28. Kat Dennings

29. Kate Bosworth

30. Kim Kardashian

31. Kirsten Dunst

32. Krysten Ritter

33. Lea Michele

34. Leelee Sobieski

35. Mary-Kate Olsen

36. McKayla Maroney

37. Meagan Good

38. Rihanna

39. Scarlett Johansson

40. Teresa Palmer

41. Vanessa Hudgens

42. Victoria Justice

43. Yvonne Strahovski