Far Cry 5 was revealed last week, and its debut trailer mostly focused on orienting gamers with the title’s story and characters. Given time to analyze, here’s everything we know about the guns and weapons featured in that short clip. Thanks to JackOfPhoenix on reddit for the help.

Weapons of Far Cry 5

1) Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum: It’s a pretty standard handgun but a popular one nonetheless. In the trailer, we see one hidden inside a hollowed-out bible. You can view that as a juxtaposition or possibly a solid example of southern charm.

2) Remington Model 870: The trailer also features pastor Jerome James sitting with a pump-action shotgun at his side. It’s a known gun for sport and hunting, but it also has some military use too. Eden’s Gate leader Joseph Seed and his cronies better watch out if this firearm’s in play.

3) AR-C: Looks like a pretty standard assault rifle. Can’t tell too much with regard to specifics in this case. It’s Far Cry, so of course a good assault rifle will be part of the action. We bet it’s an early-game gun too.

4) Baseball Bat: One of the most festive items featured in the trailer is a star-spangled baseball bat. It’s for those times when standard weaponry just won’t do. We suspect you’ll be seeing lots of these around Far Cry 5’s open world.

5) Double-Barrel Shotgun [Full Length]: The trailer offers a quick glimpse of a double-double barrel shotgun too. Again this makes sense for the southern setting. It’s something that could easily be used for hunting.

6) Sawed-Off D2 Shotgun: Fits the heavy-artillery theme we’ve been seeing. If you want something a bit leaner and meaner it’s an obvious choice.

7) Dynamite: Guns are cool, but, if this is Far Cry as we know it, then sometimes you’re going to need to blow stuff up. If Seed and his followers have a functioning outpost, this will take it down in one big burst.

8) M1911A1: This is a standard handgun and could be what the player starts out with as the new deputy sheriff in town. There’s nothing dazzling about it, but it should get the job done.

9) FP6 Shotgun: This Italian firearm is a bit more atypical. It’s strong and specially designed for combat situations.

10) Hoyt Spyder Compound Bow: The compound bow has been made iconic by The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon, and it fits the setting. We’ve got a ton of shotguns on this list already, so at least this unique form of defense adds a little variety.

Far Cry 5 was revealed last week, and it features a customizable lead protagonist coming to Hope County Montana in the midst of a faith-fueled war. Joseph Seed and his Eden’s Gate cult have put a stranglehold on the surrounding area, and it’s your job to team up with a slew of NPCs to stop them. For more details on that group, check out our full character rundown.

Far Cry 5 is set to release Feb. 27, 2018 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

What do you think of the guns featured in the Far Cry 5 trailer? Does the game look too shotgun heavy? Tell us in the comments section!