The digital day laborers of Zynga's FarmVille may be getting more to do then tend their cyber-crops. Facebook users may be able to put up political signs and canvas their digital neighbors for real life political candidates, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

The idea is credited to Michael Hendrix, a political consultant working with Michelle Bachmann's presidential campaign.

The majority of social gamers are stay-at-home moms over 38, Hendrix told the Chronicle.

That demographic is definitely one Bachmann wants to appeal to, but questions of this type of marketing's success have already come up. FarmVille's popularity has already begun to slip with about 37 million currently active users. At the height of its popularity Farmville maintained a population of about 83 million users, according to

Facebook has also sworn to be less intrusive with a letter to users claiming they will be sending less email to subscribers. So time will only tell if Facebook users embrace the idea of their friends barraging them with political messages.

Bachmann has had success with targeted advertising with facebook, sending ads to users who identify themselves as tea party members and those who have posted comments against social issues like tax hikes and abortions, reported the Chronicle.

But those who dislike the idea of Farmville becoming more political, may want to sell the digital farm now.

[source JoyStick Division, image credit Kevin Bondelli]