Even though “Teen Mom 2” star Farrah Abraham claimed her sex tape was only intended for personal use, the reality star is cashing in on the steamy video.

According to reports, the 22-year-old reality starlet sold the rights to her James Deen porno for nearly $1 million dollars.

"I’m happy to confirm that we have purchased it," the Los Angeles Times quoted Vivid Entertainment guru Steve Hirsch. "We went after this movie as vigorously as any sex tape we've ever pursued. We felt it was definitely worth it, not only because of Farrah's popularity, but because the footage itself is amazing.”

"Farrah's looks remind me of a young Kim Kardashian," he added, "and we all know how her story turned out."

Except the main difference between the two is Abraham sought out her co-star and she had a reality show before the sex tape.

According to TMZ, the XXX vid is going to be called “Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom.”

The MTV star made the movie with Deen to “immortalize” her 21-year-old body. The two had originally concocted a scam where Abraham wanted to pass off the video as a sex tape rather than a porno, but the A-list porn star came clean about the con when confronted by the tabloids.

The 27-year-old adult film actor told Today.com: “They wanted to send us out on a date and then call the tabloids to come.”

“I told them that I am not a prostitute and I'm not going to go on fake dates with people for the tabloids ... If you're going to make a celebrity sex tape and try to pass it off as an amateur home video, you don't hire a well-known porn star!”

In other Abraham-related news, she recently pleaded “not guilty” on three drunk-driving related charges in Nebraska, TMZ wrote. Her trial is set for May 31.