With just four days to go until Father's Day, it's time to settle on a gift for dad, and for those that struggle with gift-giving, we've got 22 unique, last-minute ideas for you that any father is sure to love.

Pet Lookalike

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A dog is pictured with their lookalike stuffed animal from Petsies. Petsies

If dad has a beloved pet, give him a way to remember them for all time with a one-of-a-kind gift from Petsies. With several photographs and some detailed information about his pet, the company’s artists can create a lookalike “clone” plush version using airbrush technology. Please note that this process does take several weeks to complete, so the item would not arrive in time for Father’s Day, but updates on the handmade item’s progress are available and the final product is well worth the wait! Custom plushes start at $199. Customized pillows, keychains, magnets are also available.

Robot Cleaner

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Dad can help out around the house without actually having to get off the couch or push a single button with the DEEBOT X1 OMNI from ECOVACS ($1,399). This all in one cleaning system vacuums and mops while also auto cleaning, refilling and emptying its own station. TrueMapping technology creates a detailed map of your home and the device can easily clean all hardwoods and most carpeted spaces with intuitive voice commands. The ECOVACS app can also help users set cleaning schedules to stay on top of household chores.

Toys For A Man's Best Friend

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"Jurassic World: Dominion" toys from BarkBox. BarkBox

If dad is a fan of “Jurassic World” get him a gift both him and his four-legged friend can enjoy together. Just in time for the debut of “Jurassic World: Dominion,” BarkBox has released toys and treats, perfect for dogs of all sizes and ages, inspired by the film’s characters. Fans of the film can choose between the Jurassic World Super Chewer Box and the classic Jurassic World Bark Box. Gifted boxes and monthly subscriptions start at $35.

Yoga Wheels

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LifePro’s Swirl Yoga Wheels in blue. LifePro

Help dad gets the zen he’s looking for with LifePro’s Swirl Yoga Wheels three-piece set in blue ($69.99). The three practical sized wheels are made to help build strength, relief unwanted tension in the shoulders, back and neck, and create an effective stretch. The lightweight design also makes it easy for storage and on-the-go use.

Noise-Cancelling Earbuds

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Nokia Cancelling Earbuds in Polar Sea. Nokia

Dad can get some quality me-time with Nokia’s truly Noise-Cancelling Earbuds ($149.99). Not only do these earbuds, available in the colors Charcoal and Polar Sea, block out sound, they can actively cancel up to 25 db making for an immersive listening experience. Users can enjoy up to five hours of listening time on one charge. Other features include in-ear Google Assistant and ambient mode, which can be turned on with one touch.

Floating Sunglasses

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Floating sunglasses from Rheos Nautical Eyewear. Rheos Nautical Eyewear

This summer time staple just got a lot more stylish. Rheos Nautical Eyewear provides style, convenience and sun protection with its Floating Sunglasses. We recommend the Coopers, one of the company’s best-selling glasses, in the Tortoise/Gunmetal combo ($65). Each pair is outfitted with floating frames, perfect for the beach or pool, and Nylon Lenses, which provide 100% UV optics that beats out the clarity provided by traditional glasses. Each lense is also coated to make for long-lasting protection against breakage, scratches, saltwater, and fingerprints.

Inflatable Pool

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Pool Buoy's inflatable pool in Wavy Bjorne. Pool Buoy

Pair dad’s new sunnies with an inflatable pool from Pool Buoy. These “pools with personality” separate themselves from the competition by being crafted with heavyweight, long-lasting, and extra durable vinyl that is free from dangerous phthalates, BPA, and lead. Just inflate and add water for a good time. Choose between designs such as Wavy Bjorne (pictured), the subtle Peachy Pat, and the sunshine-colored Golden Glenys ($119).

Electric Baby Nasal Aspirator

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Dr. Noze Best's Nozebot. Dr. Noze Best

Dr. Noze Best NozeBot ($119.99) is a gift both new and veteran fathers will appreciate. This electric nasal aspirator offers hospital grade suction to provide infants and children instant relief from even the worst conjestion. Unlike similar devices, the NozeBot, designed by a pediatric ENT, only requires two fingers to utilize, meaning parents can also easily support their children during use. Better yet, this product includes hygienic and dishwasher-safe pieces, and is also cord-free and portable.

Cordless Stick Vacuum

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Levoit VortextIQ 40 Cordless Stick Vacuum. Levoit

Every home needs a stick vacuum for quick cleanup and Levoit’s VortextIQ 40 Cordless Stick Vacuum ($259.99) has all the bells and whistles any homeowner can appreciate. Its Dynamic Power Control Technology makes the dirt detectable to the device and allows it to self-adjust its suction levels to provide the cleanest floors possible. Additional features include an LED display, up to 40 minutes of runtime per charge, LED headlights for visability anywhere, easy-to-clean filters, a large 2.5 cup dust bin, an anti-tangle brush design, a four-stage HEPA filtration system and more!

Hat Liners

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NoSweat hat liners prevent stains and odors. NoSweat

If dad is a hat-wearer, get him some much needed relief this summer with NoSweat. These practical moisturize-wicking liners are a lifesaver in the heat by blocking sweat from entering the face and saving dad’s favorite caps from stains and odors. They are super easy to use -- just peel, place, and stick. When the user is done, simply dispose of the product and their hat will be left fresh and looking new. Different designs are available for everything from cowboy and golf hats to bicycle and lacrosse helmets. Prices start at $17.99.

Giant Bubble Kit

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Available in several bundle packs, WOWMAZING's Giant Bubble Kit brings big fun outdoors. The Complete Bundle ($28.99) includes several pouches of bubble concentrate, which can create hundreds of bubbles, a two-handle design, which helps create larger than life and long-lasting bubble displays, and a tips and tricks booklet. Made in the USA, this product has your family’s safety in mind by providing non-toxic and environmentally-friendly fun.

Kitchen Must-Haves

HuBee's Beehive Mini Silicone Ice Cube Tray with Lid and Rotating Colander. HuBee

Cooking isn’t stressful when you have HuBee products on hand. The brand’s ingenious FRUITY Rotating Colander ($21.69) makes draining a one-handed experience thanks to its functional, 90 degrees rotation. The colorful, two-tone product also easily comes apart for cleaning and can serve as a two-piece colander and bowl set. HuBee’s Beehive Mini Silicone Ice Cube Tray with Lid ($6.89) is also a perfect gift just in time for summer. The colorful silicone trays can be used to freeze mix-and-match liquids into uniquely shaped ice cubes.

Parts Organizer

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IRIS USA's 24-part Drawer Parts Cabinet. IRIS USA

Whether or not he’s a garage man, every dad can use a handy organizer. IRIS USA can help him keep track of even his tiniest accessories with its 16 Drawer Parts Cabinet ($20.99). Unlike similar products on the market, this cabinet comes with a built-in lip at the back to prevent tiny pieces from escaping. Units can also be easily stacked to create vertical storage.

Long-Lasting Vest

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Coalatree's 10 Gauge Vest. Coalatree

Treat dad to what is sure to be his new favorite clothing item. Coalatree's 10 Gauge Vest ($89) was crafted with the working man in mind with its reinforced seams and waxed canvas cloth, which shields the wearer from the elements and stains. The vest, which is comprised of durable wool, also has heavy-duty brass zippers, deep insulated and wide pockets, and is warm, making it just as comfortable as it is handy.

Pajamas For Him (And The Family)

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KyteBaby has clothes for mom, dad, baby, toddlers and kids. KyteBaby

Kyte Baby is well known for its super soft bamboo baby pajamas but did you know they now come in adult sizes? Dad can enjoy the ultimate luxury that is Kyte Baby’s breathable products with a Men's Jogger Set ($85) available in colors ranging from the classic Midnight and Charcoal to the stunning Emerald and Steel. And while you're checking out dad's gift, why not spoil the whole family and buy a matching set for mom and kids?

Relaxing Alarm Clock

Screen Shot 2022-06-15 at 10
HoMedics' Deep Sleep Revitalize Engineered Sleep Sound Alarm Clock. HoMedics

Continue the quality sleep and relaxation trend with HoMedics' Deep Sleep Revitalize Engineered Sleep Sound Alarm Clock ($99.99). Thanks to the product's dual speakers and eight available sleep therapy programs, including white-noise tones, winding down from the day can now a spa-like experience. Users can also connect the clock to their smart device via Bluetooth for more sound options to make the meditation experience customizable.

Smokeless Fire Pit

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Pictured: A HotShot Smokeless Fire Pit. HotShot

Elevate dad's outdoor summer living experience with a HotShot Fire Pit. Available in 19.5" ($199) and 22" ($279) sizes, this stainless steel fire pit lets the user enjoy all of the perks of curling up around a wood fire while eliminating 70% of the smoke with its CleanAir Smokeless Technology. Perfectly sized, the product is great for traveling and comes complete with a carry-all bag.

Powder Sunscreen

Larkly_Full_1 package (1)
SPF 30 Mineral Powder Sunscreen from Larkly Skincare. Larkly Skincare

Sunscreen can be a pain to apply but Larkly Suncare has made it simple, quick, and mess-free with its SPF 30 Mineral Powder Sunscreen ($32). Ideal for the environmentally-concious dad, this natural sunscreen comes in convenient packaging that reduces waste with its easy screw-on refills. Aside from mineral sunblock materials which block UVA/UVB rays, the sunscreen is made with antioxidants and is safe for reefs while also being cruelty, fragrance, and chemical-free.


A SmartBidet is pictured. SmartBidet USA

Upgrade dad's bathroom without having to undertake a major rennovation by gifting him a SmartBidet. Using the SB-2600 ($399.99) won't just save dad from having to splurge on over-priced toilet paper, it will completely change his bathroom experience. Offering on-demand heated water, the user can choose between different wash cycles on the touch control panel, including a family-friendly Auto Child wash button. After utilizing the product's 3-in-1 stainless steel cleaning nozzle, the dryer is adjustable in strength to five levels, making little to no toilet paper being needed. This style fits most elongated toilets and install is easy.

Customized Art

Just two customizable gift options from the many available on Fine Art America. Fine Art America

Create a unique and customized gift using a actual art with Fine Art America. Does dad have a favortie artist or painting? Simply search for its on the site and see all of the products you can make using the image. From a customized tote bag to a fleece blanket, this site can do it all. The options are endless and there is a gift available for every price range.

Ultimate Office Chair


With most employees adapting to a work-from-home, office hybrid schedule, consider updating dad's workspace with the ultimate office chair, the Ergo3D from NOUHAUS ($369). This ergonomic chair provides a "Just For Me" lumbar support system which allows for perfect alignment to protect against back pain and an adjustable headrest to protect the neck. The 4D-orbital armrests can also adjust, gliding and tilting every possible angle to reach perfection. The reclinable chair's breathable mesh fabric is so ideal for the warmer months, giving airflow to prevent sweating.