AMC’s mysterious companion to “The Walking Dead” just got a little less mysterious. The first extended look at its new series, “Fear the Walking Dead,” dropped online Friday night, showing the terror that comes with the living dead.

After five long seasons of horrific zombie violence on “The Walking Dead,” it takes a lot to rouse Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his group of survivors. Among characters in the prequel series, however, a little of the undead goes a long way.

The clip below doesn’t have any walkers in it, but it does remind viewers of the terror that accompanies seeing one for the first time. In it, Frank Dillane’s character, Nick, is on a mad tear through an alleyway. It isn’t revealed exactly why he’s moving so fast to get away, but it must be something pretty horrific stuff to merit the terror on his face.

As Entertainment Weekly noted, Nick’s forced to pull up his pants while running because he’s only half-dressed in the scene. Although it’s easy to jump to the conclusion that he’s horrified by a zombie attempting to make a meal out of him, some recently revealed plot details indicates the character begins the series after having gotten himself involved with some unsavory practices. It’s possible he’s running from the consequences of those unsavory practices.

Whatever the case, it marks the first character clip prospective fans of the forthcoming companion series have seen. “Fear the Walking Dead” will make its debut in August and be set in the same universe as “The Walking Dead.” However, it will take place during the time of the initial zombie outbreak. 

“We are loosely covering the period of time that [‘The Walking Dead’s’] Rick was in his coma in season one. We’re able to watch and experience the things that he missed,” series creator Robert Kirtkman told the Hollywood Reporter. “It’s more of a parallel story than a prequel: Imagine the opening where Rick gets shot and goes in his coma -- that day was probably very close to our day one.”

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