FIFA 16 Alex Morgan
USA women's soccer team player Alex Morgan has made the cover of the "FIFA 16" video game. This is the first year EA has featured women in its popular "FIFA" series. EA

Players finally have the chance to try out EA's new “FIFA 16,” with a demo rolling out across consoles this week -- and it could be available now depending on your geographical location. For the first time ever, you have the option to play as a women’s team.

The demo has a decent amount of content to try out before “FIFA 16’s” official launch on September 22. Pick between two women’s teams, the USA or Germany, play a quick match or check out the FIFA Trainer mode.

Xbox 360 and Xbox One players should be able to download the demo on Tuesday, and PS3 and PS4 users should already have access. Unfortunately Xbox 360 and PS3 users do not have access to all of the features in the demo.

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