Katie Cassidy
Actress Katie Cassidy at the Lela Rose 2014 Fall/Winter collection presentation during New York Fashion Week in New York Sunday. Reuters

Following speculation that actress Katie Cassidy would be joining the cast of the “Fifty Shades of Grey” film, the longtime TV star responded to the rumors while attending New York Fashion Week this past weekend.

But she wouldn't say much. Just like E.L. James, the author of the erotica book trilogy (and film producer), who has yet to confirm or deny reports that Cassidy will be joining the highly anticipated film, the 27-year-old “Arrow” star kept mum about the casting speculation. “You never know what can happen,” Cassidy coyly told Cosmopolitan.com at the Lela Rose 2014 Fall/Winter collection presentation in New York Sunday in response to inquiries regarding her rumored “Fifty Shades” role, later adding, “I’m obviously a fan of the book.”

While the Los Angeles native, famous for her roles on the now-defunct TV series “Gossip Girl" and in films such as “Taken” and “Monte Carlo,” wouldn’t give up any details about her rumored role of Leila, she wasn’t shy about her close bond with the romance novelist. “E.L. James is obviously incredibly talented," said Cassidy, adding, "[She] has become a friend of mine."

Katie Cassidy in "50 Shades"
TV actress Katie Cassidy is rumored to be starring in the "Fifty Shades of Grey" film after recently spending time with the series author, E.L. James. Instagram

Cassidy was first thought to be attached to the “Fifty Shades” franchise when James, 50, posted an image of Cassidy on her official Instagram page Wednesday, saying, “Katie Cassidy... Isn't she flexible.” Soon after the photo’s release, rumors swirled among the romance series’ fan base that Cassidy had signed on to play the minor role of Leila Williams, lead character Christian Grey’s (actor Jamie Dornan) ex-submissive with an—spoiler alert—unhealthy obsession with his new love, Anastasia “Ana” Steele (actress Dakota Johnson),

Following Cassidy’s coy response to casting rumors, fans have been pleading with James to cast the blonde beauty. “Perfect for Leila!! Good choice,” one fan posted on Instagram Monday. “She would be the 2nd star of #Arrow to be cast, if this is true,” said another fan, later adding, “She would be great!!!”

Despite fans' anticipation to see Cassidy in the role of Leila, a woman described as Ana Steele’s virtual equal physically, that character is discussed but never actually “seen" by readers until the second book, “Fifty Shades Darker.”

“Fifty Shades of Grey,” currently scheduled for a February 2015 U.S. theater debut, began filming in Vancouver, Canada, last November. The film’s lead actors, Dornan, 31, and Johnson, 24, were last spotted shooting jogging scenes for the erotica flick in Vancouver on Jan. 29.