• Figment is a boutique hospitality company founded in Singapore in 2018
  • It is known as a company offering the co-living sector with a stylish collection of leasable shophouses
  • Figment now jumps into the Metaverse with a bold idea

The birth of metaverses, or fully digital environments powered by the blockchain on virtual reality and Web3, heralds a new era of content creation. Now, creators can access a wide range of advanced tools to bring their ideas to the new layer of reality. One of the bold ideas right now in the Metaverse is the Figment Country Club.

Founded in Singapore in 2018, Figment conquered the co-living sector with a stylish collection of leasable shophouses. The boutique hospitality company has now turned into the Metaverse to introduce a new way of owning and living in spaces in the cloud.

Dubbed Figment Country Club, the company aims to provide global citizens an accessible place to belong anytime they want, wherever they are. Each country is designed by carefully selected architects and engineers and inspired by California Case Study Houses.

Figment Country Club

Figment introduced the inaugural Czech Club conceptualized by Czech-based virtual designers, Spacemakers. The Czech Club reimagines the "confines of uninspiring meeting spaces" with its "clean lines and simplicity," "Bauhaus functionalism" and "Chezchian design."

Along with the Czech Club, Figment will also introduce Embassy Houses with the inaugural Singapore House launching later this year. "It is a real-world structure and conservation property and not part of the Metaverse, although the NFT display in the ground floor salon curated by Figment's Curator Jen Quinn also exists in the Metaverse," said Figment CEO Fang Low in an interview with International Business Times.

So, how can you be a part of this new Figment Country Club Metaverse? Anyone can become a Figment Member or Citizen through Citizenship Non-Fungible Tokens ( NFTs ). Figment now offers everyone the chance to become a Founding Citizen through a limited-edition sale of 10,000 carbon-neutral Citizenship NFTs.

Citizenship application is currently available on Figment's official website. There are a lot of perks if one becomes a Founding Citizen of a country club. "As a Founding Citizen, you will play a key role in advancing the concept of a virtual nation and will be able to participate in the early governance and direction of the Czech Country Club," Low said.

Figment has also developed a system to ensure everyone will have a fair chance in the Figment Country Club Metaverse. According to the CEO, while "those with more Citizenship NFTs do get a higher percentage of votes in the Metaverse, we will only sell one NFT to each new Citizen and do so at a subsidized rate to secondary market prices in order to be more inclusive."

It is also worth noting that a lone member cannot own an entire Country Club. "The ownership and governance authority is equally split amongst all holders of the Citizenship NFTs within each Figment Country Club, for example, the Czech Club. Since Figment is curating the Citizenship for each Country Club, we will ensure a diversified and equitable membership (Citizenship)," Low said.

"We value the concept of global citizenship, where our individual national identities are secondary to our common ‘humanity’. Whilst we are not able to divulge all the details of our acceptance criteria, we strive to uphold a diverse set of values and perspectives within each Country Club beyond simple financial capital and go one step further to curate a well-balanced community. Figment’s Citizenship Committee will thoughtfully assess each application on its respective merits before inviting successful candidates on a private tour of the Club," the CEO said when pressed about its criteria for granting Founding Citizen status to applicants.

Members who want to experience real-world interaction can visit Figment Embassy Houses. All Figment Members automatically gain access to these physical Clubhouses where local food and drinks are available alongside complimentary accommodation.

Singapore House

Beyond the Club and Embassy Houses, Figment will also introduce games, "curated cultural events like live music concerts, wellness sessions, virtual coworking offices and NFT art exhibition openings" in the Metaverse.