• Youngest victim in the Philippines recovered after contracting coronavirus
  • The 16-day-old Filipino infant stayed at the National Children’s Hospital for 11 days according to the Department of Health (Philippines)
  • As the infant survives, a new baby in Baguio City, Philippines was found to have contracted the disease
  • The baby is only 8 days’ old
  • Britain, on the other hand, hailed the oldest coronavirus survivor
  • The 106-year-old Connie Titchen recovered from coronavirus after treatment in Birmingham’s City Hospital for three weeks

A Filipino baby, the youngest of all the coronavirus victims, recovered from the deadly health illness which plagued not only the Philippines but the entire world.

Philippines’ Department of Health (DOH) announced, through its official Twitter account, that a 16-day-old baby conquered the coronavirus disease. In the said post, DOH revealed that the baby contracted the coronavirus but through the efforts of the Filipino frontline medical workers at the National Children’s hospital, the neonate was nursed back to health. The baby was confined in the said hospital for 11 days.

How the baby contracted the coronavirus was not revealed, the Filipino Times reported. DOH further revealed that there were 24 infants which contracted coronavirus and six of them already died, the publication further reported.

In separate news, Baguio City (a city located in the Northern part of the Philippines) confirmed on April 25 that an 8-day-old baby tested positive with coronavirus along with two Overseas Filipino Workers who came from the United States and an employee of the Baguio Country Club, Rappler reported.

Flooded houses are seen after super typhoon Megi hit Baguio City, north of Manila
Flooded houses are seen after super typhoon Megi hit Baguio City, north of Manila Reuters

The specific details of how the infant contracted the coronavirus are unknown but the city is reportedly taking the necessary actions such as providing medical interventions, contact tracing, quarantine and disinfection to contain the virus.

As of 4 p.m., April 30, the total confirmed coronavirus cases in the Philippines is at 8,488, according to the data in the Department of Health’s official site. The country has 568 recorded deaths with 1,043 recoveries.

While the Philippines has the youngest coronavirus survivor, Britain’s got the oldest. Frontline medical workers applauded when Connie Titchen was released from Birmingham’s City Hospital after recovering from the coronavirus.

The 106-year-old great grandmother was admitted to the said hospital last March with suspected pneumonia, BBC reported. The former shop worker stayed in the hospital for three weeks while she was diagnosed with coronavirus disease.

In the video uploaded Telegraph, a nurse asked Titchen how she felt after surviving the coronavirus. In response, the old said she felt lucky and excited to come home to be with her grandchildren.

World Health Organization previously clarified that coronavirus could be contracted by people of all ages; however, older people who have pre-existing health conditions such as diabetes, asthma, or heart problems appeared to be “more vulnerable” of becoming very ill with the coronavirus.

Adherence to precautionary measures such as frequent hand washing, social distancing as well as wearing face masks is advised since there is no vaccine or cure yet for the coronavirus.