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While there are plenty of negative examples of family members falling out due to issues surrounding a joint business, there are far more examples of successful family run businesses, large and small. Historically, due to trust, access, or any number of reasons, humans started business with family-members, more often than not.

Felix Istrate and Stefan Secuiu are the two cousins behind FIM Caravans. FIM Caravans has won multiple awards for their innovative, functional, and sleek caravans. Most importantly, the two Romanian cousins have created a product that is meaningfully connecting to consumers worldwide by solving a problem they had in their own lives first.

Istrate's and Secuiu's authentic approach to entrepreneurship is demonstrated by the story of the founding of FIM Caravans.

Despite finding professional success, Istrate and Secuiu found themselves wanting more out of their lives. Istrate, a businessman, and Secuiu, an architect, felt fulfilled by their careers, however one thing was missing – their connection to nature.

Istrate and Secuiu both shared positive childhood memories of playing in nature and participating in outdoor activities. In fact, the two cousins spent much of their childhood together with their families in the Romanian countryside. Engaging in a variety of activities from hiking to swimming to camping, Istrate became deeply passionate about hunting and Secuiu became equally passionate about fishing. Despite these passions and their connection to nature, the two cousins eventually grew up and most of their free time became occupied by their careers.

One day, Istrate realized how much he missed being outside in the countryside and how much he longed for the connection to nature and hunting that he once had. This is exactly when he had the idea for a new caravan that would provide value for individuals passionate about the outdoors. Istrate realized that by designing a caravan that was stylish, comfortable, and functional for any type of camping trip or outdoor excursion, he would be able to help others connect to nature as well as reconnect to nature himself. The only thing Istrate needed was someone to help him turn his vision into reality

Luckily for Istrate, his cousin, who shared his same love of the outdoors, was a talented professional architect. Curiously enough, around the same time Istrate committed to creating a caravan, Secuiu was feeling a similar longing for the countryside and for fishing. When Istrate asked Secuiu if he knew anyone who would help him with the caravan design, Secuiu immediately volunteered himself.

All of the best investors know that the smartest entrepreneurs are the individuals who solve existing problems in real people’s lives, as opposed to solutions for problems that do not exist. In 2014, Istrate and Secuiu became archetypal entrepreneurs, solving a problem pertinent in both of their lives.

Remembering their shared experiences, their particular love for hunting and fishing, as well as Secuiu’s technical design skills, Istrate and Secuiu iterated for three years in order to make the most versatile prototype they could make. With a desire to provide value for all outdoor experiences, the two cousins created a truly innovative caravan.

With Istrate’s business skills, and Secuiu’s design, FIM Caravans have quickly gained markets share and are continuously proving to be the best option in the market. With functionality built to withstand hot and cold weather, the caravan can accompany adventurers on all of their excursions. Due to its spacious sleeping area fit for two people, the kitchen, high-powered electricity, fresh water tank, a portable ecological toilet, and an extra storage area, FIM Caravans is undoubtedly a consumer favorite.

To this point, FIM Caravans was the winner of both the 2019 and 2020 German Innovation Awards. As the Istrate and Secuiu are just getting started, we cannot wait to see what this family-run business produces next. Check out their website for more information.