‘The owls are getting ready’: reveals Pottermore mysterious tweet post.
A mysterious tweet post on Pottermore Tweeter account (@Pottermore) has many Harry Potter fans speculating about the “secret” features of the new Pottermore website launched by author JK Rowling. Snapshot

Ahead of the official launch of Pottermore on Thursday, a leaked memo said Pottermore can be an online game which revolves around Harry Potter's universe.

Movieviral reported that a leaked memo has revealed that the project appears to be an online game in which players will follow clues to find prizes hidden in the real world. The players will have to find an unknown number of hidden magic wands in the game.

The news comes from a leaked memo to the Times of London newspaper, although it is not known whether this is a marketing ploy by the PR company Adam & Eve.

J.K. Rowling, author of Harry Potter series, will make an official announcement of the Pottermore on Thursday, via YouTube, at the Victoria & Albert Museum in south-west London.

Rowling has made Potter-related announcements through Harry Potter fan sites and it is believed that she has given some sneak previews of the Thursday's Pottermore project.

Andrew Sims of Mugglenet says: [I] can tell you that it is fantastic. I'd say more but I had to make an unbreakable vow concerning its secrecy.