• "Final Fantasy 14" is set to get a PS5 patch
  • The version's open beta starts on April 13
  • The game will also get a new expansion, titled Endwalker

With the arrival of the new generation of gaming consoles, developers and publishers are taking advantage of their impressive features and have started upgrading their live service games. One of the titles getting a PS5 patch is "Final Fantasy 14."

Here are some details about the game's next-generation console version:

Square Enix announced the PS5 port of "Final Fantasy 14" during a special live stream over the weekend. A teaser trailer showed what the game would look like in Sony's next-generation gaming console running at 4K resolutions. The developers said players will experience an increase in the game's overall performance in addition to ultra-fast loading times.

On the official PlayStation blog, Square Enix said both new and old players can play the full experience. It means the full beta of the PS5 version of "Final Fantasy 14" will be available to all PlayStation 4 users who own the game.

Final Fantasy XIV
A game play screenshot of Final Fantasy XIV 'Heavensward' Square Enix

Those who have a registered license for the "FF14 Online" on PS4 can get the PS5 Upgrade Edition without any additional cost. But, a monthly subscription is still needed to be able to play the hit MMORPG. While a free trial will be available to all gamers at the start of the open beta, those who do not own a copy will have to purchase the PS5 version a la carte.

The open beta of the game's PS5 version is set to commence on April 13. Square Enix has not yet revealed the final release date but has said it will launch the game's new version on Sony's new gaming console system very soon.

During the live stream, Square Enix announced the game's next expansion, called "Endwalker." The incoming patch will introduce a couple of new jobs: the Sage, which is a healing job and another one centered on melee DPS.

Fans should expect more news about the game at the Final Fantasy XIV Digital Fan Festival 2021 scheduled between May 14 and 15.