• "Find My Friends" app helped to trace the whereabouts of a nursing student indicating a murder had taken place.
  • Haley Anderson had been a final year student at Binghamton University due to graduate soon
  • The suspect Orlando Tercero has fled to Nicaragua 

When Haley Anderson first went missing, her roommates did not think something was amiss. They began to worry when there was no activity on her social media handles. Her roommates then used her iPhone to track her until they found her.

Anderson was a nursing student at Binghamton University. She was just about to graduate, and there was a nursing job not far from her hometown on Long Island in New York.

During an exclusive interview, Haley’s mother Karen told media outlets that she was thrilled at the prospect of having her daughter home again. She was planning a big celebration.

She never dreamt that Haley would not be one of the ones that made it to her graduation.

She reiterates that it started in the morning hours of March 8. Haley, along with her friends, had been up playing board games and drinking alcohol. They finally went to bed at 4 am.

Her roommate, Josie Artin, spoke to media outlets and claimed that by the time she had woken up, Haley had left. At first, there were no alarm bells. She did not think that something terrible must have happened.

She was not the type of person that would stir worry when she went missing as she was independent and capable, according to Artin.

She also allegedly had a lot of friends and dated frequently. It did not occur that she could be in trouble. It was not until she did not show up to a meeting at one of the local establishments that they began to think something was off. She had also been quiet on social media the entire day, which was unlike her.

They decided to look for her using the "Find My Friends" application, and it was found that the cellphone was at Orlando Terceco’s apartment. They had been introduced at a party and had become "friends with benefits."

Artin commented that Tercero was very jealous of anyone Haley spent time with, alluding their relationship was toxic. He used to drive by their place unannounced and uninvited, probably to see what she was up to.

After following up with the police, they found security camera footage from different locations implying that a murder had taken place. There is footage of Anderson entering his apartment.

Tercero was recorded at JFK international airport, boarding a plane for his home country, Nicaragua. Tercero had dual citizenship and is from a well-to-do family.

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