What has everyone's life been like without “Girls” -- the uber-popular HBO dramedy about the jitters and uncertainty of recent college graduates working and living in New York?

In the show's absence, have the young leisure classes taken a liking to viewing “Downton Abbey,” reading Monacle, or finding locally sourced kale?

While it's unlikely that anyone will ever understand Monacle's core readership, there's a spankin' new “Girls” trailer to ease all the nail-biting and late-night soul searching going down in New York's low-cost housing.

At the end of season one, which everyone and their mother seemed to have an opinion about, Hannah, played by the show's creator, Lena Dunham, splits with her rusticly charming and emotionally unstable boyfriend, Adam, as well as her former best friend Marnie, played by Brian Williams' daughter Allison Williams.

Hannah's world ostensibly comes crashing down around her, though in the finale's last scene she takes a cathartic subway ride out to Coney Island, where she gets robbed of her handbag and her preoccupations.

In the season two trailer, Hannah is seen making out with a litany of men while fending off Adam's cloying, sometimes frightening reconciliation attempts. Gorgeous Marnie, perhaps the most crestfallen and lost of the group, plunges further into the pit of uncertainty, though she at some point patches up her relationship with Hannah. Jessa, the sassy and impulsive Brit, is now married to a man she had a shotgun wedding with.

Whether you love, hate or don't care about “Girls” -- there's a good chance you'll end up talking about it in 2013.