Robert Pattinson FKA Twigs
FKA twigs talks Robert Pattinson. Pictured: Pattinson and twigs arrive at the Met Gala in New York City, May 4, 2015. Reuters

British singer FKA twigs has confirmed she is engaged to "Twilight" actor Robert Pattinson and has opened up about how she has an “amazing” relationship with him. The “Glass & Patron” singer also talked about the time when rapper T-Pain accidentally broke the news of her engagement with Pattinson.

"It's fine, I'm a pretty chill person, do you know what I mean?" twigs told Complex magazine in her recent interview, thus confirming she is engaged to the actor. When the 27-year-old started seeing Pattinson sometime back, she faced criticism from "Robsten" fans on Twitter. Pattinson was in a romantic relationship with his co-star Kristen Stewart for many years before he started seeing twigs.

Fans of Pattinson and Stewart were hoping for their reunion, but when the actor was spotted with twigs, the fans could not hide their disappointment. Twigs received racist remarks on her Twitter account, with many people making fun of her looks. The Mercury Prize winner struck back and wrote on Twitter that she will not accept any kind of racism. “I wouldn’t say I’m completely numb to it now, but there’s definitely a numbness there,” twigs said of the “horrible” attacks. "But ultimately, I'm in an amazing relationship. So it doesn't matter,” she added.

Twigs, whose real name is Tahliah Debrett Barnett, also talked to the magazine about the kind of media attention she is getting and how much she hates it. She is often asked questions like, “Can I hear your bones crack?” or “I hear you’re a control freak,” by various journalists. Her experience with media has even made her doubt her career choice. The singer told the magazine that if “this [the media attention] is what being an artist is,” she is “not really sure” this is for her. She blatantly tells the magazine that she “could be doing dance class right now” rather than giving an interview.

But ultimately, twigs is also quite content by the way her career is shaping up. She did not have an easy life growing up but is grateful that “everything seems to be working out” now. She was a very confused teenager and had not imagined that she would end up as an award-winning singer and director. Twigs, who is often compared to Bjork and Prince, looks punk on the cover page of Complex magazine. Her pictures were taken by Matt Irwin and Ignasi Moneal.