After ramping up to it all through Season 2, the CW’s “The Flash” will finally show the team dealing with the new meta-human invasion on Central City in episode 22. However, despite the element of surprise being on the hero’s side, his arch nemesis still has a few tricks up his sleeve, such as a familiar face showing up to terrorize the speedster and his friends, seemingly from beyond the grave.

As fans of the connected TV show “Arrow” will know, the Star City crew lost one of its key members, The Black Canary/Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy), in a prison riot recently. However, with Zoom calling on meta-humans from the parallel universe Earth-2 to overtake Central City, the dearly departed hero’s doppelganger, The Black Siren, will emerge to wreak havoc on Barry Allen/The Flash (Grant Gustin). According to the official plot synopsis, The Black Siren will lead Zoom’s (Teddy Sears) invasion force in “Invincible.”

Currently, the cast of “Arrow” is reeling from the loss of Laurel Lance. If she’s coming back to the “Arrowverse,” it’s possible that the siege of Central City could have larger implications on the gang in “Arrow.” However, they’re currently dealing with their own world-ending event, so the doppelganger’s arrival may very well go unnoticed. Sadly, it won’t do a lot of good for the hero’s name, which was dragged through the mud shortly before her death on “Arrow.”

With the whole world unable to ignore their attack, it’s up to everyone, not just The Flash, to step up. This includes Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale), who will take to the streets to help out as best he can, much to the dismay of his father, Joe (Jesse L. Martin). However, after getting zapped with some of the speed force recently, it’s possible that Wally won’t be taking on meta-humans with just his fists and bravery.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team will worry about Barry’s inevitable showdown with Zoom. Although he previously proved fast enough to beat the baddie in a fight, he failed to outsmart him and ended up dooming his city. As the preview clip for the episode notes, all of his friends are concerned that they may not be able to devise a plan clever enough to stop him. As a result, it may come down to simple fist-a-cuffs between The Flash and Zoom as Season 2 draws to a close.