"Flicka Da Wrist" rapper Chedda Da Connect (who is not pictured) sat down with WireTapped to discuss the beef between Drake, photographed at the Fashion Week presentation of Serena Williams' Signature Statement by HSN Sept. 15, 2015, and Meek Mill (who is not pictured). Getty Images

Chedda Da Connect may be relatively new to the rap game, but he's well-versed in music-industry politics. The Texas native, who rose to fame this year with his single "Flicka Da Wrist," recently weighed in on the highly publicized beef between Drake and Meek Mill. Chedda Da Connect, aka Courtney Milburn, claims the entire feud was a misunderstanding blown out of proportion.

The "No Love" rapper sat down with Sharon Carpenter, founder of the news Web site WireTapped, to discuss the lack of promotion of his first track. He credited much of his success to a collaboration with Fetty Wap, who he said went above and beyond the call of duty to get his name out there. The conversation quickly turned to the Twitter feud between Drake and Meek Mill, which began after the "6 God" performer's purported failure to promote their collaboration "R.I.C.O."

Chedda Da Connect told Carpenter he would have handled the situation differently, simply cutting Drake off. He said that, in his opinion, there was no bad blood between Drake and Meek Mill, both 28, leading up to their Twitter fight. Chedda Da Connect told viewers the Toronto-born rapper simply may not have had enough time in his schedule to promote the song, saying, "People be busy."

"I just feel like if Drake didn't promote it, I wouldn't have gotten mad at him. I'd just be like, 'You know what, I ain't f---ing with him no more. I see how it is,'" he said. "I don't know if he gave him enough time to promote it or not. Maybe Drake was going to promote it. I think Drake really liked Meek. I don't think there was no tension. I don't think Drake did it on purpose."

Chedda Da Connect isn't the first rapper to share his thoughts on the battle of words between Drake and Meek Mill. Nicki Minaj, who has been dating the "All Eyes On You" rapper for several months, recently said she thought their fight was "ridiculous." She told the New York Times it was a challenge for her to have to "choose sides," adding that she really just can't wait for it to end.

Similarly, rapper Rick Ross, who has worked closely with Meek Mill in the past, compared the beef to a fight between "two little homies that was in high school." He told Power 105.1 he felt neither rapper came out on top and slammed those claiming that Meek Mill was "through."

The spat began July 21 after Meek Mill took to Twitter to sound off on Drake's alleged use of a ghostwriter. He asked people not to compare him to the "Hotline Bling" rapper because he actually writes his own music. Drake responded shortly afterward with two diss tracks, "Charged Up" and "Back to Back." Several days later, Meek Mill released a diss track of his own, titled "Wanna Know." The song was not well received.

Check out Chedda Da Connect's full interview with WireTapped below: