Jeff Lewis will be remodeling houses and his life in the “Flipping Out” Season 8 premiere. In the extended trailer for the Bravo reality show, Jeff seems to be his usual self: freaking out about interior design and yelling at everyone around him. However, he and his partner, Gage Edward, are showing another side of their life: They’ll be exploring ways to have children.

The promo video shows Jeff and Gage going to a consultant to learn more about surrogacy and adoption. But Jeff wonders if he should even be having kids at age 45. “Do you think I’m too old to have kids?” Jeff asks the consultant.

“Not at all,” she says. “But you want to make sure that that’s something you don’t struggle with.”

However, the promo video makes it seem like Jeff will barely have time to think about the future with so many obstacles in his present. As he remodels celebrity homes, he’ll have to deal with unhappy clients, flooded houses and the possible departure of a cast member. Jeff’s housekeeper Zoila Chavez (a series regular since Season 1) is considering retiring to be with her family.

“Anger Management” star Brian Austin Green is shown in the video, and Jeff asks if he consulted his wife, actress Megan Fox, about something. Also appearing in this season are “Chelsea Lately” comedian Heather McDonald, “CSI” actor George Eads and DJ Eric Prydz, Bravo reports.

Watch the extended trailer for “Flipping Out” Season 8 below:

Fans should expect “Flipping Out” Season 8 to feel more like early seasons of the show. According to the Wrap, Billy Taylor has returned to his showrunner position for the first time since Season 4. Jeff reportedly wanted the program to “return the show to its creative roots.”

“Flipping Out” premieres Wednesday, July 1, at 9 p.m. EDT on Bravo. Do you think Jeff will choose to be a father? Sound off in the comments section below!