This hasn’t been an easy season for “Real Housewives of New York” star Bethenny Frankel. The 44-year-old business mogul is trying to get her life back on track after a nasty divorce and losing her job as a daytime talk show host. As a part of the healing process, Bethenny concluded that she needed to reunite with someone from her past who had always been supportive of her in "RHONY" Season 7, episode 7.

Following a cathartic therapy session, the Skinny Girl Cocktails CEO made the decision to visit her stepfather, John Prisella, the who raised her, on Tuesday night's episode of the Bravo reality series. At the time she had not seen Prisella, whom she called “the only real father I’ve ever known,” in nearly seven years. 

“He raised me. It got a little hairy at the end, and we stopped speaking,” she shared. “But he was the only father I’ve ever known. I feel like I need to reopen that door.”

The pair sat down for a heart-to-heart of epic proportions during Bethenny's trip to Miami. While discussing her past, Bethenny and her pseudo-father stumbled onto the topic of her mother, whom she has had no communication with for many years. Prisella revealed that the reason for her mother’s distance is likely that “she never wanted a child.” The reality star attempted to play it cool after the confession, but her upset was obvious. Prisella did the only thing he could do -- offered her an apology for all she’d been through in her life as well as the many things he did to contribute to her strife.

Prisella had reportedly been physically abusive with both Bethenny and her mother growing up, which she said she had “forgiven” him for, but could not forget. During the episode, while talking to one of her best friends, Bethenny recalled her mother having “the s--t beaten out of her with a telephone while he said she was out having sex on him.”

“I appreciate you saying you’re sorry because you’ve never really said that before,” she said before making further plans to meet up with him once more, next time with her young daughter Bryn.

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