“Flirty Dancing” is a new reality show hoping to become Fox's next hit, though it is not an original idea. It is based on a U.K version which was inspired by the film “La La Land.” “Flirty Dancing” in the U.K is currently on Season 2. America's version of this show will be hosted by “Step Up” actress and dancer Jenna Dewan.

“Jenna is our dream host,” said Rob Wade, president of alternative entertainment and specials for Fox Entertainment. “She knows all about how powerful connection and chemistry can be on the dance floor. So there really is no one better to help guide these singles in their search for love.”

“Flirty Dancing” will “feature singles who will perform a different choreographed dance with each of two potential love interests, before choosing the one with whom he/she has the strongest connection. While the singles may not all be professional dancers, the elevated choreography will tell a story reflective of their personal journeys to find love, while also providing clues to the other’s personality. Will it be love at first dance?” the show synopsis says.

Los Angeles singles hoping to get their spot on the new Fox reality show got to try out at a casting call this fall. The producers were open to casting all genders and ethnicities 21 years of age and older. The main rule was that competitors had to be single and able to dance.

Fans in America are already excited to catch the premiere.

“This looks good!!! [Can’t] wait to check it out!!” someone tweeted.

“This is the most LITERALLY CAN'T EVEN RN moment I’ve ever had. #FlirtyDancing is a thing and nothing will ever be the same again. Coming to Fox on Dec 29th, and yeah, duh- I’m hosting a watch party,” another person tweeted.

“Flirty Dancing” will air a special premiere on Fox on Sunday, Dec. 29, at 8 p.m. EST. Episode 2 will air on Jan. 1.

Flirty Dancing TV show
"Flirty Dancing" makes couples do a choreographed dance on their first blind date. Greg Gayne/Fox