A Florida woman was arrested after she allowed a toddler in her care to overdose on cocaine and possibly fentanyl, authorities said. Nicole Ciufi, 33, was charged with child neglect early Monday.

According to local reports, Ciufi told police she had been alone with the 13-month-old child Sunday evening at her West Palm Beach apartment when she found the toddler struggling to breathe, officials said. Ciufi called for an ambulance and the child was transported to a hospital.

Hospital staff used Narcan, a medication used to block the effects of opioids, to revive the toddler, police said. A doctor told police that tests showed cocaine in the child's system. The doctor also suspected fentanyl in the child's system but this could not be confirmed as the test results were not immediately available. The child's condition wasn't reported.

The relationship between the child and Ciufi also remains unclear.

During questioning, Ciufi told investigators she didn't know how the drugs would have ended up in the child’s system. Ciufi was released from jail on $1,000 bond.

An investigation is underway into the incident.

Last month, a Colorado couple was charged in connection with the overdose death of their toddler daughter. The mother, Denisha Chelyce Woodsking, called 911 and informed that she had found her daughter dead in their motel room. The officers searched the motel room and found drugs in the trash can. Investigation revealed the two-year-old girl died from accidental fentanyl overdose. Following an investigation, the parents of the toddler were arrested and charged with child abuse resulting in death.

woman in handcuffs
23-year-old Sabita Dookram was arrested for allegedly throwing her newborn baby outside a bathroom window. Getty Images/John Moore