A Florida woman was cited for misusing 911, mere minutes after she had already been picked up for the same crime. Melanie Leff, 44, was arrested for improper use of the emergency police hotline and, while in the back of the police car, did so again, the Miami Herald reported.

On Dec. 26, a Bradenton, Florida police officer approached an intersection which had been at the center of panhandling accusations towards Leff. She was not doing it when he arrived, but when he approached her to talk about the complaints, she started using “strong language” and yelling at him, per the Herald’s report.

At this point, she reportedly told the officer she would call 911 on him, which he encouraged her not to do, as it is illegal to call 911 without an emergency. When he called the dispatcher to alert them that there might be a non-emergency call on the way, the dispatcher said they were already on the line with Leff.

The officer then arrested Leff, and a few minutes later, she called 911 on him again while in the back of the police car. Leff had a record, having been arrested twice in recent months for disorderly conduct and possession of drug paraphernalia, as well as trespassing. An attorney reportedly sought to evaluate her competency to stand trial.

This came only weeks after a man in Stuart, Florida was charged with misusing 911 for calling the dispatcher multiple times to report a seafood restaurant had small portions.