Add this to the list of talents possessed by Peyton Manning and Eli Maning: rap stars.

In the newest ad for DirecTV and NFL Sunday Ticket, Peyton Manning, superstar quarterback of the Denver Broncos and Eli Manning, superstar QB for the New York Giants, perform a catchy, slow rap in an effort to tell NFL fans that they can indeed watch NFL Sunday Ticket on their phones. The song is called F.Y.O.P.: Football On Your Phone.

The Manning brothers extol the virtues of watching football games on phones by describing the places where you could watch football on your phone; while on a date, while in the bathroom and more.

The Football On Your Phone rap even works in a reference to Alexander Graham Bell and features a cameo by Archie Manning, the patriarch of the Manning family.

Like the Grammar Slam videos that combine the Internet, education and snarky into a supremely simple yet entertaining media package, the Football On Your Phone ad combines modernity; mobile tech and hip hop, with a concept that predates the NFL: advertising. The result is an incredibly creative, hilarious and brilliant ad that shuns the mixed messages found in many advertisements today and instead communicates a simple message while also managing to be current, relevant and amusing. Advertising agencies everywhere should sit up and take notice.

Watch the Football On Your Phone rap, performed by Peyton and Eli Manning below, courtesy of YouTube.

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