Chris Soules
Chris Soules, photographed at the 16th annual Waiting for Wishes Celebrity Dinner in Nashville, Tennessee, on April 18, 2017, was arrested. Getty Images

UPDATE 1:36 p.m. EDT: Former “Bachelor” star Chris Soules has been charged with leaving the scene of a deadly accident. The reality star appeared before a judge in Buchanan County, Iowa, Tuesday morning.

A spokesperson for the Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office told ET Online Soules was read the official complaint, which he said he understood. The former “Bachelor” was given a $10,000 bond and had his passport rescinded as a result of the charges against him. Should he post bond, he’ll be on pre-trial release and be forced to wear an ankle monitor.

Police told ET Soules fled the scene of the accident at around 8:20 p.m. EDT on Monday. At the time, he was driving a Chevy pickup truck and rear-ended a John Deere tractor trailer. The driver of the second vehicle was taken to a local hospital after the accident, where he died.

Soules was arrested several hours later and taken into police custody. At present, the only charges against him are fleeing the scene. It’s not clear whether he was drinking at the time.

The general probable cause list, obtained by ET, lists “admission/statements, caused property damage, operating motor vehicles, possessed alcoholic beverage/containers, identified by witnesses, near scene of crime and caused personal injury.”

Original Story: Former “Bachelor” star Chris Soules has been arrested. The ABC reality star is accused of having been involved in a car accident that left one person dead.

According to KWWL, a new outlet based in Buchanan County, Iowa, state police responded to a call regarding an accident involving a pickup truck and a tractor. The vehicle allegedly rear ended the tractor and both wound up in a ditch. Soules is accused of having been involved in the accident and fleeing the scene.

The accident left one person dead. It’s not clear which vehicle the deceased was driving. Their identity has not yet been revealed.

Soules has not yet spoken out about his arrest nor the accident. He has been silent on social media since April 16, when he shared a photo on Twitter from Easter Sunday with younger members of his family. No statement regarding the incident has been released at this time.

Soules has a history of arrests. According to Radar Online, he’s been arrested multiple times and plead guilty to 13 different charges. His most serious arrest came in 2006 when he was charged with driving under the influence, which landed him a $500 fine and one year of probation.