The "Formula 1 2020" game availed a new feature for rating drivers to assist players. Codemasters, the game developers, has released the first set of driver ratings, which are a part of the My Team mode.

My Team is an extension of the current career mode, and it adds another level of realism as the players can create their team and decide who is going to race among them. All drivers in Formula 1 and 2 are going to be given a rating and value, meaning the players will be able to choose to invest either in a teammate or further upgrades to their vehicle.

Drivers are going to be ranked according to experience, awareness, racecraft, and pace.

Ahead of the game’s July 10 release, the ratings for Racing Point, Red Bull and Alpha Tauri drivers are the first to be officially revealed. All of the drivers will have a rating from 0 to 99 in each department.

A driver with more experience is going to assist players in getting more points that will be used to get more improvements. On the other hand, the driver who has advanced skill or racecraft will mean the player will be able to overtake more effectively. When it comes to pace, the driver will have the fastest accelerations and laps with the highest speed.

According to Planet F1, Red Bull Racing's Max Verstappen has an experience rating of 68. He has 94 in race-craft, 84 in awareness and 96 on pace. His teammate Alex Albon has an experience rating of 52, a race-craft of 87 and a pace of 83.

These ratings are subject to change according to the results of the 2020 championship races. There may be an increase or decrease depending on the results of races in the real world. This feature is a bit similar to what the FIFA video game does as soccer players are valued and rated according to their ongoing performances.

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