There's no doubt that “Fortnite” is still known for its Battle Royale and quite fittingly, players are more focused on the game as a free-for-all brawl than anything else.

Epic Games, however, wanted gamers to somewhat explore more than just going at it in Battle Royale. As such, “Fortnite: Save the World,” the Player vs Environment (PvE) co-op campaign now has dungeons with lots of monster hordes, deadly booby traps and of course, fight the boss as their ultimate challenge.

The dungeons, according to Epic Games, are situated in a forbidden area of Hexylvania. Those who are brave enough to explore its depths can find weapons that they can use to their advantage, as well as heroes to recruit and fight with them. There are also magical keys, gold coins and a “deep and dark labyrinth” - pretty much your typical medieval torture chamber, plus more.

“Fortnite” has a new update. Fortnite

“Fortnite”'s latest update will also introduce “Save the World” to the Swamp Knight, a mysterious hero endowed with Unearthly Treat. The melee master Mermonster Ken will make its first appearance, too, and players can expect its From the Depths perk to deal massive damage.

On the other hand, the dreaded Mythic Storm King still still stands in the way and needs to be defeated. Should players be lucky, they can wield the power of the Storm King in the form of mythic weapons. These are unique armaments that represent the Storm King himself, and each will have a unique perk “that unlocks special behaviors.”

These weapons drop only from the Mythic Storm King, and Epic Games said that “if you want them, you'll have to earn them: they cannot be dropped from your Backpack.”

The Mythic Storm King was included in the “Save the World” roadmap which was released last month. It also detailed a slew of weekly updates and game adjustments.

For now, there's no word as to how good the rewards these dungeons can offer to players, but Windows Central pointed that there will be four unique dungeons to start and will be receiving more updates in the future.