So, in episode 7 of "The Foster" Season 3, Callie (Maia Mitchell) was forced to leave the house after Stef (Teri Polo) saw Callie and A.J. kissing in episode 6. However, as far as Brandon knows, it is his former relationship with Callie that is causing all of the tension. That would lead to a lot of drama in "Daughters."

Here's how it all went down in episode 8:

The episode begins with Callie giving Rita (Rosie O'Donnell) some last-minute fashion advice before Rita's big date! However, once Rita is gone, Callie gets an unexpected visitor -- Rita's estranged daughter, Chloe (Marcella Lentz-Pope). Chloe says that she has let her mom know she will be there, but when Rita shows up, it is clear she had no idea. The pair argue when Rita refuses to invest in Chloe's restauraunt endeavor, claiming Chloe has already thrown away so much of her money. Chloe leaves angry, claiming Rita only cares about kids when they are not her own. Afterward, Rita confesses that Chloe has bipolar disorder and discovers that a check from her checkbook is missing.

Meanwhile, Callie and Brandon meet with the social worker and are interrogated about their relationship. They both try to conceal the fact the two hooked up again at the Girls United fundraiser, in violation of Brandon's restraining order.

Elsewhere, Stef (Teri Polo) takes A.J. (Todd Williamson) to investigate an alley that the hit-and-run driver may have used to hide after the incident -- Brandon had theorized that the culprit hid instead of fleeing the scene, thus avoiding all cameras. In the alley, Stef realizes that the driver could have gotten on a bus without from that point without being caught on any street camera. Stef interviews the bus driver from that day. She remembers a bloody man getting on the bus and tells Stef where he may have gotten off the bus.

Back at Rita's house, Chloe shows up angry that Rita had canceled the check that she had stolen earlier. They get in a fight and Chloe accuses Rita of being the reason her father committed suicide. In a moment of frustration, Rita slaps Chloe, who leaves in tears. Inside, Rita explains to Callie that because of Girls United she had not been more present in her husband's and daughters' lives.

When Brandon comes home from the meeting with the social worker, he confronts his mom. At the meeting he had learned that his parents' foster license had not really expired as Stef had previously told him. He realized the reason they had moved Callie out of the house was because A.J. and Callie had been caught kissing. He yells at them for never considering his feelings in how they deal with the foster children they bring into the house, suggesting they focus on their own marriage instead of adopting kids to avoid living alone with each other.

Jude hears the fight and worries that Stef and Lena (Sherri Saum) are divorcing. The next day he walks out in the middle of a math test. When Lena tries to stop him he yells at her and runs away. He goes to Callie and Rita, who tell them that Stef and Lena are just working out some problems. When he worries that Lena will not forgive him for yelling, Rita reminds him that his parents love him for who he is, not because he keeps his mouth shut. He returns home to a very relieved Lena.

Back at the house, Stef goes to Brandon's room to talk to her son. She apologizes for not being more considerate to him over the course of all the foster children drama the past few years. She says that if he has a problem with his Dad fostering A.J, then he should say so and she will support him.

Then things start to get out of hand. Rita and Callie return to Girls United, where two of the girls are in the middle of a fight. Rita goes upstairs to break it up, but when the group comes downstairs, one of the girls has been punched in the face. Furthermore, both of them claim Rita threw the punch. Rita denies it, but unfortunately the cops are forced to arrest her and take her away in handcuffs.

That night, Callie stays at Girls United. She records a video of her telling her story and detailing her experience in the foster care system. She submits the video to the online app she created for her research project.

In the last scene of the episode, Brandon shows up at the Girls United house looking for Callie. The promo for the next episode reveals the two getting hot and heavy. It looks like Brallie shippers will be getting their wish!

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