‘The Fosters’
Will Aaron (Elliot Fletcher) become Callie’s (Maia Mitchell) next boyfriend in “The Fosters” Season 4? Freeform

“The Fosters” Season 4, episode 18 put the spotlight on transgender men and women and the difficulties they encounter in society.

In “Dirty Laundry,” Callie (Maia Mitchell) and Aaron (Elliot Fletcher) took a road trip to Los Angeles together for very different reasons. Callie wanted to continue to find out more information about Troy (Levi Fiehler) and Vanessa (Kelly Albanese). Aaron, on the other hand, visited his family because his dad is celebrating his birthday.

While there, Aaron had a hard time being accepted by his loved ones. After all, Aaron was born as a woman, and they named him Alison. At one point during his dad’s party, Aaron’s mom called him by his original name. His dad also expressed his inability to accept him. To make things worse, Callie got in the way by pushing everyone to be more accepting and understanding of each other.

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Doing this made Aaron extremely pissed off with Callie, so he asked her to get out of his room. But when Callie saw Aaron’s mom downstairs, she decided to talk to her. Aaron’s mom explained that they are really trying their hardest to adjust to the change, but it isn’t easy for them.

Aaron’s mom added that she and her husband had a lot of plans and dreams for Alison, and they feel these won’t happen anymore because he’s now a man. The next morning, Callie was in a good mood so she gave everyone coffee and donuts. Aaron was pleased with how his parents treated him that day, and he thanked Callie.

Their encounter ended up in more than one round of sex which they both enjoyed a lot. But Callie just got out of a relationship with AJ (Tom Williamson) in the previous episode.

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