A driver in Massachusetts was caught on camera driving into a group of four children. There were no fatalities and authorities revealed that two of the children, ages 12 and 13, were hospitalized but suffered only minor injuries.

The incident occurred Sunday night in Stoneham, Massachusetts, and was caught on a home security camera before finding its way online. The group of children was standing in a driveway when a car’s lights appear in the background. It continued speeding towards the children and the group notices, either bracing or trying to get out of the car’s way.

“I just looked over and I saw headlights coming ... it all happened in an instant,” one girl told Boston’s NBC affiliate WYCN. “I ran away because I didn't know if the car was going to hit me again.”

All four children were hit by the car and knocked to the ground before the car skids out of the driveway and flees the scene.

“All we heard was the screech of the tires and they just turned toward us,” one victim told WYCN. “We ended up scattered everywhere, we just go flying.”

Stoneham police are currently searching for the driver, who has not been identified. The car is a believed to be a Subaru Legacy.

“It's just messed up that they would leave four kids like that on the ground,” another victim told WYCN.

Massachusetts police
Representational image of a police officer using his K9 to check a car near John Joseph Moakley United States Courthouse in Boston, Massachusetts, on April 6, 2015. Scott Eisen/Getty Images