A fourth federal Economic Impact Statement may not be coming any time soon, if it all, but those who are worried about their financial situations with increasing inflation may still be in luck, as a lucky few Americans will be getting some form of stimulus aid in October.

While any money received is not an official federal stimulus check, funds could be arriving in some people’s bank accounts throughout the month in the form of other economic stimulus package plans enacted because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, or through state programs. To see if you may be eligible for some funds, check out the list below.

Expanded Child Tax Credit Recipients:

Those who were eligible for the Expanded Child Tax Credit will see the fourth out of six payments around the 15th of the month. Parents have received payments of $300/child under the age of 6 and $250/child up to the age of 17 on a monthly basis since July, with the payments set to end in December 2021.

Arizona’s “Back To Work” Program

After ending Unemployment benefits, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey announced a new program earlier this year that would provide a $2,000 bonus to any full or part-time workers who had previously been collecting unemployment after they completed eight weeks of work. Anyone who will complete that period in the next month should expect to see their payment.

California’s “Golden State Stimulus”

The Golden State Stimulus II will be providing payments to eligible Californians in the coming weeks if they file their 2020 taxes by Oct. 15. Amounts that can be received based on different qualifying factors range from $500-$1,100.

Idaho Tax Rebate

Eligible residents of Idaho who are full-time residents and filed income tax returns in 2019 and 2020 could be eligible for a small rebate that could be distributed at any point in 2021. The amount will be equal to either $50 per taxpayer and dependent or 9% of the tax amount reported on Form 40, line 20 or line 42 for eligible residents and service members using form 43.

Michigan Teachers Hazard Pay

Teachers are eligible for additional hazard pay in Michigan this year, with reports indicating they can make $2,000 minimum. In addition, those who also tackle hybrid learning duties can earn an additional $2,000.

New York Excluded Workers And Artists

Those who did not unemployment insurance or other assistance due to the pandemic, even after losing their jobs, due to their immigration status or other factors, are still able to apply for some extra benefits if undocumented. Those eligible could receive up to $3,200 in benefits, and in some cases, as much as $15,600 in benefits (pre-tax).

Artists in New York City are also eligible for some extra help, through the City Artists Corps Grants. Local artists will be getting a one-time payment of $5,000 sometime in October.

Vermont Worker Relocation Grant

In Vermont, those who relocate to the state and become full-time residents and full-time employees of a state employer will be eligible for a $7,500 grant for coming there.

stimulus-check-5948809_1920 Representation. A COVID-19 stimulus check. Photo: Pixabay