An annoyed if not inventive French father came up with a novel way to deal with a group of boozing, drug-dealing hooligans hanging out on his block in Montrouge, France: Mozart.

Every night for the past two years, a group of young Frenchmen have been hanging out in front of a Parisian's house in suburban Paris, blasting music, reportedly dealing drugs and generally causing a ruckus for the man who lives in the house -- whose name is being reported as Joel -- and his family. Every time Joel called the police, their lookouts gave them ample time to pack up the show and hit the road.

With the police unable to corral the young men, Joel thought he was out of options. Then one night when the group’s loud music drowned out the lullaby Joel was singing to his young daughter, he completely lost it.

Joel opened the window and screamed the lullaby out the window to the men, who promptly scattered. When they continued to come back, he then decided that classical music could be an ideal weapon, so he positioned a speaker out the window and has been battling the hooligans with Mozart, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky with success.

“They asked me why I was doing it,” Joel said. “I told them their noise bothered me.”

They’ve fought back with rap music, stones and heckling, but Joel has refused to give up.

“I filed a complaint with the police,” Joel told Le Parisien. “But I’m not going to stop. Their behavior is unacceptable.”

Joel hopes his neighbors will join the fight because if there’s anywhere a group of troublemakers will stay away from, it’s a block blasting "The Nutcracker Suite."