Michelle Gregg was slammed on social media after she commended the Cincinnati Zoo for saving her 3-year-old son. He fell into the gorilla enclosure, which led to the ape, Harambe, being shot dead Saturday. The full witness video — before Harambe was killed — can be viewed below.

“For those of you that have seen the news or been on social media, that was my son that fell into the gorilla exhibit at the zoo,” Gregg wrote. “God protected my child until the authorities were able to get to him. My son is safe and was able to walk away with a concussion and a few scrapes ... no broken bones or internal injuries.”

She continued: "As a society we are quick to judge how a parent could take their eyes off of their child, and if anyone knows me I keep a tight watch on my kids. Accidents happen, but I am thankful that the right people were in the right place today.” The post has since been deleted.

Many people criticized Gregg, saying she should have been more vigilant watching her son. Others blamed her for Harambe’s death.

Video footage that witnesses shared show Harambe almost protecting the young boy, but WLWT-TV noted that it cut out the graphic part where the gorilla dragged the tike. One Facebook user, Tony Luers, garnered hundreds of shares for his post when he questioned whether Harambe was violently dragging the boy.

Luers was also infuriated that Greggs was reportedly suing the zoo. “The right scenario would be for this parent to admit she was in the wrong, and pay her own expenses for the child,” Luers wrote. “Thank the Cincinnati Zoo for saving her child and apologize for the death of an endangered species and hold the zoo harmless of any responsibility. But we know that won't happen either.”

Harambe, a 17-year-old who weighed 400 pounds, was shot and killed after he disobeyed orders to leave the enclosure. His life expectancy was 60 years.

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