“Fuller House” Season 2 Spoilers
Two “Full House” alums are returning to Netflix’s “Fuller House” in Season 2. Netflix

This news will have “Fuller House” fans shouting, “Have mercy!”

While on the set of the Netflix series, Candace Cameron Bure, who portrays D.J. on the “Full House” reboot, snapped an adorable behind-the-scenes photograph. The image captured a moment from the cast’s Season 2 script read-through, confirming which two beloved characters would be returning to the comedy show for more quips, laughs and hugs.

“Guess who’s back?” Cameron Bure teased as Bob Saget and John Stamos struck a pose: They respectively play Grandpa Danny and Uncle Jesse. The photo marked the actors’ first day filming for the sophomore season after the series’ Season 1 finale.

The actors then shared with fans on Instagram their own behind-the-scenes photos of their first day back to work.

“And so it begins again ... Season 2,” Saget captioned a selfie that he snapped in the living room of the Tanner family home. Of course, Danny’s cherished, blue plaid couch also made it into the picture.


And so it begins again... Season 2 @FullerHouse @netflix #letsdothis

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While Saget photographed himself inside the Tanner home, Stamos decided to get creative and film a video outside the iconic San Francisco house.

“Back at work today on #FullerHouse. Check it out, I’m at the real Tanner house having a blast,” Stamos captioned the clip of himself getting blown to smithereens as the upbeat “Full House” theme song played.


Back at work today on #FullerHouse. Check it out, I'm at the real Tanner house having a blast!

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Although a premiere date has yet to be set, a trailer for “Fuller House” Season 2, which began production May 5, teased that it would hit the small screen — and other Netflix-enabled devices — “soon.”

“Fuller House”​ was renewed for a second season March 2.