Paul Walker
Paul Walker's estate is suing the estate of Roger Rodas for 17 cars that the family did not return following both men's deaths in 2013. Reuters

Hot on the heels of the “Furious 7” premiere, deceased actor Paul Walker's name is in the news again. The late actor’s family is suing the estate of Roger W. Rodas over some cars that have not been returned to the Walkers.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Walker estate filed a lawsuit against Rodas’ estate on Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court. In it they allege that the Rodas estate failed to return several cars that were owned by Walker before his death in 2013. Roger Rodas was driving the high-powered Porsche Carrera GT that struck a tree killing both him and Walker.

Apparently, Rodas was also in possession of 17 cars that Walker either fully owned or partially owned. The suit claims that, following both men’s deaths, the Rodas family refused to give up the vehicles and further claims that Rodas was selling off some of the cars that did not belong to him prior to the accident – a tactic that his family apparently kept up after his death.

Walker’s estate is allegedly suing for the return of the vehicles or for the value of those vehicles, if they cannot be returned. If granted, these costs would hit the Rodas' estate in addition to compensatory damages the Walker family is reportedly seeking.

This isn’t the only legal battle that the Rodas family is currently engaged in. According to CNN, Roger Rodas' widow sued the North American branch of Porsche in September 2014 arguing, among other things, that the car her late husband was driving was not designed with the proper safety equipment to handle a predictable crash. CNN reports that the court threw out four of her five arguments, but will hear the argument that the car didn’t have a crash cage or racing fuel cell, which Rodas' widow hopes to prove would have kept the two men inside the car alive.

Fans of Paul Walker likely hope that this legal battle will be settled quickly so as not to distract the public from the upcoming release of “Furious 7,” the actor’s last time portraying Brian O’Connor in the action-packed racing franchise. Walker’s death occurred in the middle of filming, which temporarily halted production and pushed the release date back to April 3.