Samsung's Galaxy Nexus is available now in the UK and a launch date has been given for Canada, but a U.S. release date has yet to be given, so it looks like the device won't be out in time for Black Friday. There's little doubt the new Android device will be out in time for the shopping season, but it will only be available on Verizon. iPhone 4s is now on all three major U.S. carriers, so people already have more choices for Apple's newest toy.

Galaxy Nexus is made by Samsung, but it's really Google's phone, and will bear the Google logo on the back. That should help in the marketing department, and they are going to need it because one thing Apple does better than anyone is market their products like crazy. Perhaps the Nexus launch is being delayed a bit more to help get the word out on its release. Black Friday is a busy shopping day to be sure, but maybe waiting until after it's over is good because then Galaxy Nexus won't get lost in the marketing flood leading up to it.

Waiting until after Black Friday may be part of Google's marketing campaign, but there isn't any mystery behind what we will see when it does come out. Contrast that to the iPhone 4S launch when all there was to go on were rumors. That really helped build the hype for iPhone, but then, there is only one iPhone where there are dozens of Android devices.

That's why it's hard to tell if Galaxy Nexus will be huge hit or not. Many of its functions are available in other Android devices. The major new thing to come with it is the new Android 4.0 system. So Galaxy Nexus will debut the new Google software, but as Matais Duarte, Android's chief designer said, people like Android, but they don't love it. Perhaps the Galaxy Nexus will be the next step for Android and become not just a tech marvel but also a must have device.

Tell us in the comments if you are getting the Galaxy Nexus or if you plan on waiting for the update to come to your Android phone.

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