Samsung has filed a copyright claim against YouTube videos mocking its Galaxy Note 7 handset. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo

Samsung is making attempts to block YouTube videos mocking its exploding Galaxy Note 7, after the company officially recalled the handset and discontinued its production. The Korean company, which faced criticism after its smartphones exploded, has asked YouTube to remove videos on copyright grounds.

According to the BBC, several gamers have complained that their parody videos of the Galaxy Note 7 have been blocked. The YouTube videos showed a modification to "Grand Theft Auto V" that turned the explosive sticky bomb weapon into a Samsung phone.

One video on the YouTube channel Modded Games had received several views and was taken down by the video-sharing site. However, the video was restored Thursday after the channel filed a counter claim, the Telegraph reported.

One U.S. gamer, who goes by the online name DoctorGTA , said that restrictions had been put on his YouTube account as a result of Samsung's complaint.

"It's going to take three months to get the strike removed from my channel... I got my live stream taken away," he reportedly said in a video. "If I submit a counter-notification to say 'sue me', I wonder what they will do. Will they sue me, the kid that has cancer and just makes money off YouTube playing a video game?"