Purple Wedding
HBO has released a new feature discussing the Purple Wedding as well as a preview for "Breaker of Chains." HBO

Warning: Full “Game of Thrones” Season 4 spoilers. If you did not watch “The Lion and the Rose” stop reading.

The Purple Wedding contained another shocking “Game of Thrones” death. The death of Joffrey will shape the rest of “Game of Thrones” season 4 and series creators D.B. Weiss and David Benioff discuss the episode in a feature.

For the “Inside the Episode” feature for “The Lion and the Rose,” Weiss and Benioff discuss the transformation of Stannis Baratheon into a total believer of Melisandre but not quite a Lord of Light convert. “He has certainly seen that Melisandre’s power is real. He’s seen that she is capable of birthing a shadow demon that will eliminate, you know, one of his enemies and he’s seen she is capable of throwing leeches into the fire and that way, apparently, bumping off several more of his important,” said Benioff. Weiss and Benioff describe Stannis as a practical and obsessive man that will do anything to win the war and gain the Iron Throne.

Weiss discusses Bran’s ability and confirms the importance of the vision, saying each image has a purpose and is important to Bran’s story as well as the overall “Game of Thrones” story. Benioff plays coy with Bran’s vision of a dragon’s shadow over King’s Landing, saying the image could either be from the past or the future.

Most of the feature for “The Lion and the Rose” is dedicated to the Purple Wedding and Joffrey’s death. The Purple Wedding was a massive challenge and Benioff says the event was a way to share character interactions that may not have otherwise happened, such as the chat between Cersei and Brienne.

According to the episode’s director, Alex Graves, Joffrey is the center of attention and his cruelty and actions throughout the Purple Wedding build towards something ominous. “The viewer may not know what is happening but they know something bad will happen by the end of the Purple Wedding.

Joffrey’s death is certainly shocking and Weiss says his death brings out the humanity in Cersei and the young king, characters that are hated by viewers. In addition to the Purple Wedding feature, HBO also has a viewer’s guide for “The Lion and the Rose.”

As for what’s next, the “Breaker of Chains” preview picks up right after the Purple Wedding and includes a glimpse of Sansa fleeing King’s Landing, a moment between Cersei and Jaime and Tyrion in jail. Daenerys, Jon Snow and the Wall as well as Stannis make appearances in the clips.

“Game of Thrones” season 4, episode 3, “Breaker of Chains,” will air on Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT on HBO.