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Iwan Rheon's “Game of Thrones” character Ramsay has been presented with new opportunities and challenges in Season 5, and he has to plan carefully to survive. Rheon talked about some of the events involving his character in a recent interview.

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In episode 5, Ramsay learned Roose Bolton’s new wife is pregnant. Rheon spoke to HBO about some of the challenges his character faces, and a transcript of the interview has been posted on the official MakingGameofThrones website.

Answering a question about Ramsay wanting to be a legitimate heir, the actor compared his character’s situation to that of Jon Snow. Both characters were born out of wedlock, resulting in them being denied their fathers’ last names and social status. Ramsay, however, was able to elevate his status and became a Bolton after capturing Moat Cailin.

“He knows that raises his status in the world. He's clever enough to realize he'll be Warden of the North when Roose Bolton dies and that's massive,” Rheon said in the interview. But things may change if Ramsay’s stepmother gives birth to a boy, and Roose declares him the heir.

The actor described Ramsay’s reaction to the pregnancy as one of “shock.” Roose Bolton did, however, explain to his son how important he is in the current war on “Game of Thrones” Season 5, but Ramsay may have his own plan of action to eliminate threats to his potential rule. “I wouldn't really count on the chances of that child surviving. Or Walda. Or anyone who's around,” Rheon said.

Ramsay is preparing to marry Sansa while keeping a jealous Myranda in line. Talking about the relationship between his character and Myranda, Rheon said he feels Ramsay did not “truly” care about anyone and the Kennel Master’s daughter probably knows it.

One evolving relationship in “Game of Thrones” Season 5 that fans may find interesting is that of Reek and Sansa. Ramsay paraded Reek in front of Sansa during dinner and made him apologize. However, Ramsay doesn’t know Sansa is just biding her time and still has friends in the north who will come to her aid. Sansa and Reek working together may not bode well for the character in the future.

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Source: YouTube/GameofThrones

Source: YouTube/GameofThrones