Damon Lindelof
Damon Lindelof, pictured here at the HBO portion of the 2015 Television Critics Association Summer Tour on July 30, 2015, recently shared his deep thoughts on Season 5 of HBO's "Game of Thrones." Getty

At this point, it’s not a controversial statement to say that “Game of Thrones” is the best show on TV. At least, that’s how “Lost” co-creator Damon Lindelof, who recently shared his thoughts on Season 5 of the hit HBO series, thinks.

While speaking to Entertainment Weekly to promote Season 2 of his own HBO series “The Leftovers,” Lindelof got off on a bit of a tangent about his affection for “Thrones.” The writer had a particularly special relationship to Season 5 as it was the first season of the show he watched exclusively on TV without reading the book it was based on first. He confessed that he read the works of George R.R. Martin to a point before he decided that he’d rather experience the twists and turns of the world of Westeros on the TV screen. He was pleasantly surprised by the series adaptation this year. After watching Season 5, episode 9, he confessed to admitting to himself that there’s “nothing better on television, right now, than this.”

While the writer gushed over “Game of Thrones,” his previous feud with Martin loomed large over the conversation. In April 2011, Martin took some really harsh shots at the series finale of Lindelof’s ABC mega-hit “Lost” during an interview. Still, the “Tomorrowland” writer seems willing to put it all behind due, in large part, to the fact that he loves the show so much.

“I love-watch ‘Game of Thrones,’ so I’m immensely forgiving of things that perhaps are not the strongest attributes of the show. And despite the fact that George R. R. Martin has flamed the ‘Lost’ finale, there is a schadenfreude aspect of me saying, ‘Well, I kind of hope ‘Game of Thrones’ sucks at the end, too, so they’ll know it feels to have somebody say that to you,’” he told EW. “But I don’t think the ‘Lost’ finale sucks. And I want ‘Game of Thrones’ to end awesome, because I’m a huge fan, and I have every reason to believe that it is going to end awesomely.”

That’s right, it seems that Lindelof thought “Game of Thrones” Season 5 was so good that he’s willing to put the entire feud with the author to rest in favor of pulling for a phenomenal ending to the series.

The initial feud between the two scribes stems from fan’s reaction to the “Lost” finale. When the series ended in 2010, many fans were disappointed that it left so many plot lines dangling. Martin compared his desire to really write a good ending for his “Song of Ice and Fire” book series to, what he considered, the ultimate failure of “Lost.”

“We watched it every week trying to figure it out,” Martin told The New Yorker. “And as it got deeper and deeper I kept saying, ‘They better have something good in mind for the end. This end better pay off here.’ And then I felt so cheated when we got to the conclusion.”

George R.R. Martin
Author George R.R. Martin, pictured here at Rolling Stone LIVE event on January 31, 2015, has shared an excerpt from his upcoming novel "Winds of Winter." Getty

At the time, according to Vulture, Lindelof responded to the comments with an equally harsh yet tongue-in-cheek series of tweets about the author and his very slow writing pace. Unfortunately, Lindelof deleted his Twitter in October, but none of that matters now because the “Star Trek: Into Darkness” writer seems like he’s ready to put all of the unpleasantness behind him. Or he’s simply taking the high road in the most spectacular fashion.

For the first time since the beloved show aired on HBO, Martin and “Game of Thrones” are under fire from fans after [SPOILER ALERT] ending the season with the tragic death of beloved leading character Jon Snow (Kit Harington). Many fans have said that the show either has taken or will take a huge dip in quality now that it’s gone off the rails by killing its most well-liked character. Although Lindelof said he detests that sentiment, he’s certainly looking like the bigger man by praising the show throughout this controversy.