Mesa Roldan in Almeria, Spain, is reportedly an added filming site for Season 6 of the HBO series “Game of Thrones.” A casting call for extras hints about how the location may be used to show the fictitious continent of Essos.

Watchers On The Wall reports that the local council in Almeria announced the city's selection as a location for the fantasy TV series in an official statement. The area's beautiful landscape, ease of access, vegetation and topographic “peculiarities” were said to have interested the show's producers.

The coastal area around which filming is expected to take place in October has a lighthouse and the remains of a watchtower. It is still unclear which director and actors from the show will be involved in the filming at this location.

According to Winter Is Coming, Modexpor International has made another casting announcement and this time it was in Almeria. The casting will reportedly take place Wednesday and Thursday at Pabellon Moises Ruiz.

The producers are said to be seeking extras with a particular height and skin tone. According to the report, the minimum height requirements are said to be 5 feet, 7 inches for men and 5 feet, 6 inches for women, and chest measurements of 44 inches for men and 37 inches for women. The extras need to be “very brown to black” and in “good physical condition.”

The report speculates that the casting call is for warriors in the continent of Essos. The report points out that people of Westeros, including the people from Dorne, are mostly “fair- to medium-skinned folk.” The filming at this location is said to be scheduled for Oct. 10 to 23, according to the report.

Several new characters are expected to appear in Season 6, with series star Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) lobbying for an appearance by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Speaking to MTV, the actress said Schwarzenegger could play a “Targaryen that we missed out on.” She didn’t think that the actor would join any other royal family in the show.

Clarke co-stars with Schwarzenegger in "Terminator: Genisys," which is now in theaters.