Nintendo Switch
The Nintendo Switch is getting officially licensed GameCube controllers. REUTERS/Toru Hanai

One of the best things about the Nintendo Switch is the many ways users can play games on it. It’s packaged with Joy-Cons and users can buy the Pro Controller. However, it looks like the Switch console will soon be getting new controllers that should make GameCube fans happy.

Photos of what appear to be GameCube controllers for the Nintendo Switch have appeared on Reddit. The photos were shared by a user with the handle Mew_The_Creator. To be clear, the controllers aren’t made by Nintendo, but by gaming peripheral maker PowerA. That being said, the controllers appear to be officially licensed by Nintendo, which should mean that they will work on the Switch with no issues.

Judging by the packaging, it looks like the GameCube controllers for the Nintendo Switch will have the same design and buttons found on the original version. However, it appears as though the new GameCube controllers will have the -/+ buttons, the home button and the dedicated screenshot button on top. It also looks like it will have small LED lighting to indicate the player’s number when playing local multiplayer or co-op.

PowerA’s GameCube controllers for the Nintendo Switch will be available in black and purple color options, just like the original. Based on the image, it also looks like these will be wired controllers. Mew_The_Creator says that the boxes for the upcoming controllers are actually just mockups and are meant to help retailers know how to present the products in their stores.

There’s currently no word yet on when exactly the new GameCube controllers for the Nintendo Switch will be released. It’s being speculated that they arrive sometime later this year, possibly alongside the release of the new “Super Smash Bros.” game. Nintendo will be prominently showing off the new “Super Smash Bros.” game next week during E3 2018 and it has even set up an invitational competition for it. It’s possible that Nintendo could announce the new GameCube controllers for the Switch during E3.

In addition to the GameCube Switch controllers, the Reddit leaker also shared an image of new PowerA controllers with new “Super Mario” designs. It is assumed that these controllers will also be released sometime this year. speculates that these “Super Mario” inspired PowerA Switch controllers will likely sell for $24.99 each. There’s no word yet on how much the new GameCube controllers could cost.