Gaming accessory manufacturer Mad Catz announced Friday it would file for bankruptcy and that its directors and officers have resigned. The company has ceased operations and will start to liquidate its assets.

The news comes on the heels of months of financial struggles for Mad Catz. The company joined with developer Harmonix to co-publish and design instruments for Rock Band 4 in 2015, but poor sales for the game were a significant financial burden for Mad Catz. Before Friday’s announcement, Mad Catz suffered an $11 million loss in 2016 and laid off 37 percent of its staff.

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In its statement, Mad Catz CEO Karen McGinnis said that Mad Catz looked into other options for the company before settling on its bankruptcy filing.

“The Company has been actively pursuing its strategic alternatives, including various near term financing alternatives such as bank financing and equity infusions, as well as potential sales of certain assets of the Company or a sale of the Company in its entirety, the Company has been unable to find a satisfactory solution to its cash liquidity problems.” McGinnis said.

For older gamers, Mad Catz peripherals were a common part of many home consoles. The manufacturer was best known for its third-party accessories over several console generations, which ranged from customized controllers to Dance Dance Revolution dance mats. The company’s failed Rock Band 4 partnership was one of its first major deals tied to a specific game, but Mad Catz also briefly produced the M.O.J.O, a budget console built for Android games.