Some may shrug off the idea that in this day and age there are still gender differences when it comes to topics of conversation. It seems like just another cliché to assume that men talk about power tools and cars while women talk about food and fashion.

However, a new study released by the Center for Reading Research, a research group in the Netherlands, found that while it may not be as clear-cut as shop class vs. home economics, there is some truth to old stereotypes and there are some words that don't usually cross the gender divide.

Researchers took the results of 500,000 vocabulary tests, examined the differences between men and women, and found that there was some vocabulary that just didn't quite translate -- that is, there are some words that men rarely use, and vice versa.

While this list isn't definitive of men and women everywhere, with half a million participants, it's still statistically significant.

Check out which words made the list and what they mean in this infographic.

Gendered Words
Definitions of the 24 gendered words identified by the Center for Reading Research International Business Times/Ross Keith