Nathan West was given a tearful goodbye on “General Hospital” after being murdered by Faison. The beloved officer left behind his pregnant wife, Maxie, who will be forced to raise their child without him.

Now that Maxie (Kirsten Storms) is on her own, she has to start thinking about how she will continue her life without Nathan (Ryan Paevey) by her side. Although she didn’t get her happily ever after, there are still several roads she can take that could distract her from the heartbreak on the ABC soap.

Check out these 4 things that could happen to Maxie following Nathan’s death.

1. Maxie And Spinelli Could Get Back Together

Spinelli‘s (Bradford Anderson) permanent return to Port Charles is long overdue, and what better way to keep him in town than rekindling an old romance with Maxie? Since Nathan died, Spinelli has been concerned about how Maxie is taking the tragic loss. Even though he suggested she go back to Portland with him to get away from the memories, Maxie insisted she needed to stay in PC. Since Maxie is not willing to leave, and Spinelli has been making frequent visits to check up on her, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he moved back into town to be close to her. Their time spent together could result in a stronger bond and possibly a romance.

2. Maxie Could End Her Friendship With Lulu

Maxie made it very clear she blames Lulu (Emme Rylan) for Nathan’s death. At Nathan’s funeral, Maxie accused Lulu of caring about her career more than Maxie’s happiness and is responsible for setting up the beginning of Nathan’s end. If Maxie were to push Lulu out of her life she would have plenty of new friends to choose from. The residents of PC rallied around the widow during Nathan’s funeral, and Sam (Kelly Monaco) was eager to comfort Maxie because she once felt the pain of losing a spouse. Offscreen, Monaco and Storms are friends, so portraying on screen besties wouldn’t be a difficult task for the actresses.

3. Maxie Could Start Dating Peter

When Maxie gave Lulu the verbal lashing at Nathan’s funeral, Peter (Wes Ramsey) was eavesdropping on the conversation. While listening to the argument, Peter appeared to feel sympathy for Maxie who has to raise her unborn child alone. Peter also took a moment to admit to himself he regretted not getting to know his half-brother better because Nathan seemed like a good man. Could Peter’s guilt lead him to pursue Maxie and take care of the family Nathan was ripped away from?

4. Maxie Could Become Obsessed With Her Career

While Maxie enjoyed her job, her main priority was Nathan and their family, but now that he is gone, she may find it too difficult to focus on a family that doesn’t involve him. Working alongside Nathan’s sister, Nina (Michelle Stafford), at Crimson could give Maxie the support and strength she needs to get past the heartbreak she suffered from with Nathan’s death.

Fans will just have to wait and see how Maxie handles life now that Nathan is gone.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays at 3 p.m. EST on ABC.